Forms for TAs

Inter-campus shuttle bus ticket request form for UTM anthropology course TAs

Teaching assistants for UTM anthropology courses can request shuttle bus tickets for the days you need to be on the UTM campus for the course.

Inter-campus travel reimbursement

(From CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Collective Agreement)

Employees required to perform their duties at a campus other than their affiliated campus shall be reimbursed for supervisor-approved travel expenses for all travel between campuses required for the performance of their duties. For St George/UTM travel reimbursement is at the rate of a return shuttle bus trip. For St George/UTSC or St George/UTIAS travel reimbursement is at the rate of a return TTC trip. For UTSC/UTM travel reimbursement is at the rate of a combined return TTC and shuttle bus trip.

How to submit your reimbursement request:

Please complete and send the following via your utoronto email to Carolyn Loos, Department Manager at

  1. CUPE 3902 Unit 1 UTM Shuttle Reimbursement Form (PDF)
  2. U of T Expense Reimbursement Form (PDF) (You only need to complete the sections that are highlighted in yellow.)
  3. Photos or scans of your travel receipts.