anthropology is where science and culture meet

In an increasingly technological and global world, having human-centred scientific and cultural knowledge is a critical asset.

"The program challenged me to take a holistic perspective and see the links between everything. It made me recognize that, for example, one cannot hope to understand people's health needs or experiences without accounting for their economic, social issues, and political ones." 
-Amal: Senior Economist at the Ministry of Finance

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At UTM you can focus your undergraduate studies on a subfield of Anthropology for specific career paths or graduate studies.

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Graduates of UTM Anthropology HBA and HBSc programs work in a diverse and exciting range of career areas.

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Canadian and American associations for anthropology and specific subfields.

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Let's Talk About Health

Medical Anthropologist Dr. Madeleine Mant interviews health experts.

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let's talk about health over fruits

Speech-Language Pathology as a career

Dr. Mant interviews Speech Pathologist Lucia Crespo as part of the "Let's Talk About Health" career information video series!