Current Graduate Students

UTM campus main entrance sign
The University of Toronto Mississauga sign at the middle entrance to campus in summer. Photo © K. Hill.

Administrative Functions

Most administrative functions for Anthropology graduate students are handled by the Department of Anthropology at the St. George campus located in downtown Toronto, except for Teaching Assistant employment.

Teaching Assistant Employment

Job postings for UTM Anthropology Teaching Assistant positions are available via the Teaching Assistant - Unit 1 page under the Jobs section of our website.

UTM Affiliation and Amenities

Graduate students are not automatically affiliated with UTM if they have UTM faculty supervisors.

View the Perks of Graduate Student Affiliation (PDF) for benefits of affiliating with UTM.

If you are interested in requesting affiliation with UTM, please visit the Campus Affiliation page hosted by the Office of the Vice-Dean, Graduate, UTM.


UTM Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Award

UTM-affiliated graduate students in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto who wish to apply for Graduate Funds may apply for this award. The funding is intended to cover small costs that may not be captured through the funded cohort support, or other larger U of T or external grants. 

Apply online: UTM Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Award Application Form

UTM Anthropology Graduate Carrels

UTM Anthropology has a limited number of carrel desks available for UTM-affiliated Anthropology graduate students to use.

If you are affiliated with UTM, please speak to your faculty supervisor to request a carrel desk. Please note that desks are typically shared due to the limited number available, so you should not expect to have an unshared desk.

If you would like more information about the process please contact the Departmental Assistant at

UTM Graduate Lounge

The UTM Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS) has a lounge for UTM-affiliated graduate students. The lounge is located in Room DV 2068B. Visit the UTMAGS Graduate Lounge web page for more information.

Links for Graduate Students

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