Department of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humankind from its beginnings to the present day.  Many disciplines concern themselves with the human, but only anthropology seeks to understand the whole panorama of human existence - in geographic space and evolutionary time - through comparative and holistic study.

The research interests of our full-time faculty members reflect the broad mandate of anthropology as a discipline. We cover the traditional four subfields of anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and socio-cultural anthropology; this includes strengths in forensic anthropology and the anthropology of health.

Did you know?

  • Anthropologists find rewarding careers in governmental and international agencies, business and industry, universities and colleges, and many other areas!
  • The word anthropology is derived from the Greek anthropos ("human") and logia ("study").
  • Nothing human is alien to anthropology!

Tuesday, March 28 is the final date for drop-in career advising at Anthropology this term!

Anthropology students: do you have questions about what you can do with an Anthropology degree? Would you like more information on possible career paths or graduate school? Start investigating your options early - don’t wait until 4th year!

Tuesday, March 28 is the last date available this term, so take advantage and drop by for Career Advising at Anthropology to get some great information!

Friday, March 31 is the last day to submit applications for the Snil "Sunny" Sahanan Memorial Scholarship for Anthropology students

Undergraduate students enrolled in Anthropology programs: if you are a social activist and receive OSAP or other funding, you may wish to consider applying for the Snil “Sunny” Sahanan Memorial Scholarship. Applicants are required to write a short essay on "the importance of non-violence in international relations and world peace". 

Application deadline:  Friday, March 31, 2017 at 5:00pm.
Approximate value: $800 CAD

Application deadline is approaching for 2017 UTM Field Schools!

photo and illustration of tin soldier and horse artifact circa 1880
Above: Tin soldier artifact discovered on UTM Campus during Summer 2016 Archaeological Fieldwork Field School. Photo: Trevor Orchard, PhD. Illustration: Murray Clayton, MSc.

Departmental approval is required in order to take these courses and enrolment is limited so apply early! The application deadline is Friday, April 21, 2017.

Our field schools take place over two weeks in August (for field sessions) in addition to the Fall 2017 term (for lab classes). August field dates and application information are available on the following pages:

Focus in the Anthropology of Health

Visit our Anthropology of Health page for more information on this exciting new focus (beginning in Fall 2016) which emphasizes the effects of cultural and socioeconomic processes on biological and health outcomes in human populations. Open to all students who have the required prerequisites, whether from an Arts or a Science background.

Download our departmental brochure (PDF file).