Spotlight on Anthropology Social Science courses

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Are you looking for a Social Science course at UTM? The Department of Anthropology offers a wide variety of fascinating topics to choose from.

Please refer to the UTM Timetable for schedules. View course prerequisites and descriptions on the UTM Academic Calendar.

Summer 2022 Anthropology Social Science courses

  • ANT102H5S - Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANT204H5S - Sociocultural Anthropology
  • ANT206H5F - Culture and Communication

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Winter 2022 upper-level Anthropology Social Science courses

  • ANT335H5S - Anthropology of Gender
  • ANT352H5S - Protest, Power and Authority: Topics in Political Anthropology
  • ANT355H5S - Disabled Cyborgs and Racist Robots: Bodies, Technologies, and Social Justice
  • ANT361H5S - Language and Culture in Southeast Asia
  • ANT462H5S - Living and Dying: Topics in Medical Anthropology & Global Health
  • ANT466H5S Language in Anthropological Thought
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Fall 2021 upper-level Anthropology Social Science courses