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The creative expressions featured here demonstrate some of the diverse and meaningful ways in which UTM Anthropology students reflect upon relevant anthropological topics. All work on this page is reproduced with permission of creators, and copyrights belong to creators.

Thank you to students for sharing your work!

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Blue and red drawing challenge for ANT430H5


"By taking in account different perspectives in life and in research we are able to see and comprehend things differently." - Sacha Samouk

This artwork by Sacha Samouk was based on the creative trend on Tiktok called the “Blue and Red Drawing Challenge”. The first piece exhibits chimpanzees in their natural habitat. The second art piece exhibits a human in its natural habitat. The third/fourth piece exhibits similarly a comparison between orangutans and crows in their natural habitats. View the full description and citations (PDF).

The pieces were created for a "pop science essay" assignment in ANT430H5 Special Problems in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (Topic: Human Perspectives on Animal Intelligence). 

ANT380H5 (Engineering Paradise)

Students in the Fall 2023 offering of ANT380H5 (Engineering Paradise) completed a fun creative project as they explored what makes our species so different from other life on this planet. The goal of this "Nobel Prehistoric Prize" assignment was for students to identify a prehistoric innovation that had the biggest impact on humanity, and present persuasive arguments for why their selected innovation is worthy of this award. View some of the creative projects below!

Prehistoric Times and Idealistic Edens 

This podcast by Aimen Zehra nominates the prehistoric innovation of caring for the ill and early healthcare practices for the "Nobel Prehistoric Prize" in ANT380H5 (Engineering Paradise).

Listen to Prehistoric Times and Idealistic Edens by Aimen Zehra

The domestication of animals

This video podcast by Katherine Bain argues for the domestication of animals being worthy of a "Nobel Prehistoric Prize" in ANT380H5 (Engineering Paradise).





golden lion tamarin in tree surrounded by facts about the animal
Digital image created by Maddie Jantzi for ANT203H5. Click on image to view full-size version, or view a PDF text version

Infographic on the golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia).

Japanese macaques grooming each other in a hot springs with snow and rock in background
Digital artwork created by Amanda Schleimer for ANT203H5. Click on image to view full-size version.

Japanese macaques relaxing and grooming each other in the hot springs. 

Three panels depicting a Pygmy Slow Loris and a parrot sitting on a branch with evening sky in background.
Digital image created by Barbara Baranowska for ANT203H5. Click on image to view full-size version, or view a PDF text version

"This work is a simple little comic depicting a pygmy slow loris and their friend, a blue crowned hanging parrot. The pygmy slow loris, being one of the smallest and slowest primates, has some wisdom to share from its perspective, giving life to the piece. Remember to slow down every once in a while, or else you might miss something."