Young Anthropology Journal

Contribute to the first issue of Young Anthropology!

  • Did you write a particularly strong course paper?
  • Did you conduct research for a class?
  • Did you write a fieldwork report or a book review?
  • Are you interested in publishing your work?

Consider submitting it for publication with Young Anthropology, the UTM Department of Anthropology's first online, open access and peer reviewed journal

This call is open to undergraduate students from across anthropology's subdisciplines.

We welcome:

  • research papers,
  • book reviews,
  • fieldwork reports, and
  • author interviews.

Submission information

One submission per student per journal issue.

View the YA Journal author guidelines and policies for detailed submission information and author guidelines.

If your paper is too long to submit to the journal, consider contacting the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre for advice on editing a paper.

Submission deadlines

May 31, 2020 for research papers

August 31, 2020 for other submission types, including book reviews, fieldwork reports, reflections, interviews