ANT101H5 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology


Science for everyone

New: ANT101H5S will be offered online in the Winter 2025 "S" term at UTM. Please refer to the U of T Timetable Builder for the latest course offerings and descriptions.

All registered UTM undergraduate students are eligible to enrol in ANT101H5 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology. 

Even if you do not have a background in sciences, enroling in ANT101H5 can start you on the path to studying anthropology science subfields such as biological anthropology, forensic anthropology, archaeology, or the anthropology of health - a focus that will be of particular value to students interested in pursuing careers in public health. 

"I took ANT101, the Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology course and I just loved it. Anthropology is such a huge discipline that I never knew existed...You get an understanding of many topics you would cover in the “traditional” physical sciences, just in a unique way that is human-centered and relevant." - Undergraduate student specializing in anthropology

Discover new ways to see ourselves

ANT101H5 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology is a survey of biological anthropology and archaeology. This course is a journey back through time where we will investigate the origins of our species and discover new ways to see ourselves. The material covered is directed to answering the question: What makes us human?

Course highlights

  • Virtual Mystery Project opportunity (in Winter term ANT101H5)
  • Introduction to cultural heritage management and archaeology
  • Introduction to basics of biology and genetics, evolutionary theory
  • Introduction to applied anthropology, for example addressing our cultural impact on the environment
  • Learn how anthropologists use scientific method to study culture
  • Primate and hominin origins, to modern humans and the first civilizations
  • Special guest lectures

More details 

  • ANT101H5 is a required course for all UTM anthropology programs (specialist, major, and minor).
  • View the full course description and program requirements published in the UTM Academic Calendar, as they take precedence over information published elsewhere.

How to view the ANT101H5 course schedule

  • ANT101H5 is usually offered in the winter and summer terms. 
  • On the Timetable Builder, choose "University of Toronto Mississauga", select the term (Session), and enter course code ANT101H5 to view the schedule. 
  • View lecture (LEC) and practical (PRA) times.

How to enrol in ANT101H5 at UTM

  • When your course enrolment opens on ACORN, enrol in one lecture (LEC) and one practical lab session (PRA) for ANT101H5.
  • The UTM Office of the Registrar has a guide to course enrolment.

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