Course Selection - What Should I Take?

Selecting UTM Anthropology courses to take in first year

Take the following courses, which are required for all UTM Anthropology programs (updated for the 2020-21 academic year):

  1. ANT101H5 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
  2. ANT102H5 Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology
  3. ISP100H5 Writing for University and Beyond: Writing About Writing

All registered UTM students are eligible to enrol in ANT101H5, ANT102H5, and ISP100H5.

Selecting UTM Anthropology courses to take in second, third and fourth year (and beyond)

The following may help you with your decisions:


If you want more information or assistance with planning your Anthropology course selection, you can request an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor, or drop in during drop-in hours.