Let's Talk About Health

Anthropology of Health instructor Dr. Madeleine Mant introduces students to the wide world of health careers in her new “Let’s Talk About Health” video series. Dr. Mant will interview health experts working in various healthcare fields and settings.


Episode 3: Registered Nurse

In this episode, Dr. Mant speaks with Danielle Bourque-Bearskin, a registered nurse. What is it like to switch roles from public health nursing to critical care? How do nurses fit into a healthcare team? Can we incorporate Indigenous concepts of wellbeing into western biomedicine? Let's talk about it! Watch on YouTube(Posted October 6, 2020)


Episode 2: Physiotherapist

In this episode Dr. Mant chats with physiotherapist Ali Sawyer. How do you develop trust with a patient when speaking about intimate health issues? Where might we find physiotherapists working? What kinds of support do healthcare practitioners themselves need? Let's talk about it! Watch on YouTube(Posted September 29, 2020)


Episode 1: Standardized Patient

In this episode Dr. Madeleine Mant speaks to Sarah Granger, who works as a standardized patient. How did Sarah get into this work and how does she define health and wellness as she is "playing sick"? Let's talk about it! Watch on YouTube(Posted September 22, 2020)