Let's Talk About Health

Anthropology of Health instructor Dr. Madeleine Mant introduces students to the wide world of health careers in her “Let’s Talk About Health” video series. Dr. Mant interviews health experts working in various healthcare rolefields and settings, including:


Episode 1: Standardized Patient


Dr. Mant speaks to Sarah Granger, who works as a standardized patient. How did Sarah get into this work and how does she define health and wellness as she is "playing sick"?


Episode 2: Physiotherapist


Dr. Mant chats with physiotherapist Ali Sawyer. How do you develop trust with a patient when speaking about intimate health issues? Where might we find physiotherapists working? What kinds of support do healthcare practitioners themselves need?


Episode 3: Registered Nurse


Dr. Mant speaks with Danielle Bourque-Bearskin, a registered nurse. What is it like to switch roles from public health nursing to critical care? How do nurses fit into a healthcare team? Can we incorporate Indigenous concepts of wellbeing into western biomedicine?


Episode 4: Dietician


Dr. Mant chats with dietician Shirley Walsh, who reveals that her job is about so much more than just calories. How is food connected to patients' culture, families, and emotions? What health and healing words does Shirley avoid when talking to patients? What is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist?


Episode 5: Pharmacist


Dr. Mant speaks with Dr. Justin Peddle, a clinical pharmacist. What is the role of a pharmacist in a medical oncology team? Why might your pharmacist phone you at home? What does the term "healthy" mean anyway? Let's talk about it!


Episode 6: Health Geographer


Dr. Mant chats with Dr. Paul Hackett about his work as a health geographer. How does his work intersect with anthropology and history? How do health geographers work with space and place? How did the jet age affect the very fabric of space and time?!


Episode 7: Paleoepidemiologist

Dr. Mant speaks to Dr. Mindy Pitre about her career as a paleoepidemiologist. What sources of information might inform us about ancient health? How can we learn about health and wellness from the dead? How long does it take to become a university professor?


Episode 8: Midwife


Dr. Mant speaks with midwife Lauren Tignanelli. How do midwives build relationships with their patients? What is the difference between a midwife and a doula? How do midwives think about holistic health?


Episode 9: English & Disability Studies Scholar


Dr. Mant speaks with Dr. Travis Chi Wing Lau about his work as an English professor and disability studies scholar. How are science and literary studies related? What is the difference between disability studies and crip studies? How can we talk about health in a historical moment?


Episode 10: Indigenous Advisor


Dr. Mant is joined by Cat Criger, Indigenous Advisor! How does Cat encourage wellness of mind, body, and spirit? How can we dig into the root causes of health and wellness issues? How do metaphors of hunting and gardening relate to searching for health information? Let's talk about it!


Episode 11: Speech-Language Pathologist

On this episode Dr. Mant chats with Lucia Crespo, a speech-language pathologist all about her fascinating career. Did you know that speech-language pathologists can help you with everything from pronunciation to swallowing to expressing your emotions?


Episode 12: Social Worker

Dr. Mant speaks with Rebecca Ripco, a social worker specializing in addictions and mental health. Rebecca explains the incredible variability in social work practice and reminds us that you don't need an undergraduate degree in social work if you want to pursue this avenue.


Episode 13: Physician Assistant

Dr. Mant chats with Julia Clemens, a Physician Assistant (PA). Did you know that PAs work in essentially every medical specialty? Perhaps you've interacted with a PA and not even known it!


Episode 14: Biosecurity Analyst

Dr. Mant speaks with Lane Warmbrod about her work as a biosecurity analyst. This interdisciplinary career draws upon skills from many fields to "equitably maximiz[e] benefits and mak[e] sure there's an equitable distribution of both the burdens of the risk and the access to benefits" when it comes to health internationally.


Episode 15: Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Mant talks to Vanessa Yeboah, a nurse practitioner. Vanessa explains the difference between a nurse practitioner and an RN and describes the incredible scope of practice involved in being a nurse practitioner.