International Experiential Learning for Anthropology Students

Opportunity for UTM Students: Primate Field School (in Costa Rica or Nicaragua)

Dr. Laura Bolt provides the opportunity for interested students at UTM to complete a primate field school in Costa Rica or Nicaragua under her direction and to earn course credit for this experience. Dr. Bolt is also available to supervise undergraduate students through UTM’s Research Opportunities Program and to act as an advisor for independent research projects.

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Future Anthropology international opportunities

Future Anthropology courses with international components will be posted on the International Education Centre UTM Abroad website when available. 

We partner with the UTM International Education Centre (IEC) to offer exciting and meaningful learning opportunities for Anthropology students. You can experience learning in a wide array of settings that include exciting international research and learning opportunities.

  • Develop anthropological research skills
  • Contribute to transformational research
  • Add international experience to resumes
  • Learn about the diversity in culture that exists in the world
  • Establish connections with fellow students and professors
  • Explore a variety of locations ranging from urban cities to rural areas

Previous UTM Anthropology international trips


Japan 2019


ANT414H5F People and Plants in Prehistory (SCI) trip to Japan: Photo Album (2019)


Japan poster


ANT399Y Research Opportunity Program (SCI) trip to Japan: Photo Album (2018)


Tanzania 2017


ANT335H5 Anthropology of Gender (SSc) trip to Tanzania (2017)


Ghana 2017


Learning about the role of women in Ghana (SSc) (2017)