Undergraduate Student Experience Fund for UTM Anthropology

Call timings

The department will put out calls for applications in November and March of each academic year.  Please see below for application deadline dates.

  • November 2024 application deadline: 11:59pm on November 18, 2024
  • March 2025 application deadline: TBA

Student eligibility

You must be currently enrolled in a UTM Anthropology undergraduate program (e.g. specialist, major, minor) in order to apply for a grant from the UTM Department of Anthropology Undergraduate Student Experience Fund.

Expenses that may qualify for funding

The Undergraduate Student Experience Fund may provide funding for approved expenses relating to:

  • Student participation in local conferences to present research findings (including poster printing).
  • Individual student attendance at career / professional development conferences.
  • Student participation in a non-UTM field school (typically not supplies or equipment).

Note regarding field school funding requests

  • ANT318H5, ANT418H5, and ANT306H5 are not eligible for funding.
  • Funding support is typically not to be used for supplies or equipment.

Additional information required for conferences outside of the University of Toronto

If you are requesting funding to attend a conference that is held outside of the University of Toronto, please send the following supplemental documentation via email to secretary.utmanthro@utoronto.ca:

  1. The application essay or other statement(s) that you submitted to conference organizers.
  2. The email invitation or acceptance from the conference organizers.


You will be notified via email at your utoronto email address of the results of your application.


Please contact the Departmental Assistant at secretary.utmanthro@utoronto.ca if you have questions about this fund.

How to apply

Apply online using the Undergraduate Student Experience Funding Request Form for UTM Anthropology.

Please note that funding is limited. The department allocates a set amount of funding for each the November and March calls.  If the fund is depleted at any time during the year, additional funding will not be available until November of the next academic year.

Apply online now