Anthropology Courses for Certificate in Global Perspectives

The Certificate in Global Perspectives is offered by the Department of Language Studies at UTM. Eligible UTM Anthropology undergraduate courses may count toward certificate completion.The certficate provides students the opportunity to examine issues from different cultural, economic and socio-political perspectives, and provide an interdisciplinary or disciplinary global lens through which to interpret and evaluate our interconnected world. Enrolment in the Certificate in Global Perspectives is open to all students completing programs at UTM.

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List of UTM Anthropology courses eligible for the Certificate in Global Perspectives

Be sure to check the UTM Academic Calendar Department of Language Studies Program page for the latest information on the Certificate in Global Perspectives at UTM, as the information published in the calendar takes precedence over the information on this page. Note: not all UTM Anthropology courses are offered every year, so be sure to check the Timetable Builder for our current course offerings. Course descriptions are available in the UTM Academic Calendar.

UTM Anthropology courses from Certificate in Global Perspectives "Global Perspective" group

  • ANT102H5  Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANT206H5  Culture and Communication
  • ANT207H5  Being Human: Classic Thought on Self and Society
  • ANT208H5  The Culture Machine: The Anthropology of Everyday Life
  • ANT209H5  War, Trade and Aid: The Anthropology of Global Intervention
  • ANT215H5  How Should One Live? An Introduction to the Anthropology of Ethics
  • ANT217H5  Anthropology of Law
  • ANT322H5  Anthropology of Youth
  • ANT335H5  Anthropology of Gender
  • ANT350H5  Globalization and the Changing World of Work
  • ANT351H5  Money, Markets, Gifts: Topics in Economic Anthropology
  • ANT352H5  Protest, Power and Authority: Topics in Political Anthropology
  • ANT354H5  Capitalism and its Rebels
  • ANT357H5  Nature, People and Power: Topics in Environmental Anthropology
  • ANT360H5  Anthropology of Religion
  • ANT362H5  Language in Culture and Society
  • ANT365H5  Meaning, Self, Society
  • ANT368H5  World Religions and Ecology
  • ANT369H5  Religious Violence and Nonviolence
  • ANT370H5  Environment, Culture and Film
  • ANT462H5  Living and Dying: Topics in Medical Anthropology and Global Health
  • ANT463H5  Anthropologies of Water: On Meaning, Value, and Futures
  • ANT464H5  The End of Coal: An Ethnographic Approach

UTM Anthropology courses from Certificate in Global Perspectives "Area Studies" group

  • ANT241H5  Anthropology and the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (in Canada)
  • ANT317H5  Pre-contact Indigenous History of Eastern North America
  • ANT313H5  China, Korea and Japan in Prehistory
  • ANT316H5  South Asian Archaeology

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