ANT433H5S Advanced Seminar in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SSc)

Please note that ANT433H5S (Winter 2024) has been cancelled.

Topic Title: Language and Social Justice

  • Offered in the Winter 2024 "S" Term at UTM
  • Prerequisites: ANT102 and ANT206 and a 300-level sociocultural or linguistic anthropology course.
  • Recommended preparation: JAL351H5 (“Language and Culture: Area study”).


In this upper level seminar, we will explore the role linguistic anthropology can play in social justice work. In order to do so, we will contemplate the following questions: what do we understand under social justice, and how is language implicated in social discrimination? What is the connection between language and power? How do language ideologies contribute to, or cause social inequality? Is language a human right, and what does that look like?

While jointly working through theoretical linguistic anthropological texts, this seminar will also function as a workshop where students are asked to identify and analyze specific instances of language-related discrimination. Throughout the semester, they will work on a specific case to formulate recommendations and policy changes in a final paper.

Please note that ANT433H5S (Winter 2024) has been cancelled.