Graduate Students

2017-2018 Workshops

Many of our workshops can be used for credit towards the completion of the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Program. We offer all of our workshops on demand, so if you and your lab mates want a particular workshop, let us know and we'll do our best to arrange something for you.

Writing in the Physical & Life Sciences Workshop Series (GPS credit)

Facilitated by Michael Kaler, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & Writing Specialist, Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, UTM

Planning and organizing your research paper

Monday, Jan. 15 from 5pm - 6pm in IB 210

In this workshop we will discuss the organizational principles of research papers. We will develop our critical reading and editing skills by using those principles to structurally analyze published papers.

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Writing about science for a general audience

Monday, Jan. 22 from 5pm - 6pm in IB 210

In this workshop, we will discuss ways to make our writing clear, convincing, and comprehensible to non-specialists. We will discuss sentence and paragraph structure and ways of guiding the reader, as well as the importance of understanding your audience and tailoring your writing to it.

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Writing Sentences

Monday, Jan. 29 from 5pm - 6pm in IB 210

In this workshop, we will analyze and discuss the art of writing sentences that are concise and effective.

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But did you know we also offer services for you? We have courses (discussion groups), workshops and offer one-on-one support specific to graduate students. We can work with you to improve your presentation skills for your next conference paper or poster. We can help you improve your teaching knowledge and strategies. We'll help you with your research proposals, and with your online presence. We offer professional skills development opportunities to give you an edge in your search for academic and non-academic careers.

We offer a full range of support for your professional and academic development.

One-On-One Support:

Need to work on your grant application?
In a master's program and need help coming up with an application for doctoral studies? Not sure how to incorporate the statistics you're generating in the lab in your thesis?
Trying to figure out the steps involved in scheduling your defence?
What are teaching dossiers and teaching philosophy statements?

We have the answers to all these questions and more!

Email us to schedule an appointment with our professional and graduate skills specialist.


As of Fall 2013, we are offering peer-driven, peer- or mentor-led courses. Graduate Professional and Academic Skills (GPAS) 100 is for anyone who has not completed their comprehensive exams, while GPAS 500 is for everyone who has completed their comprehensive exams. In these discussion groups we'll cover communication skills, personal effectiveness, teaching competence and research skills. What we cover is entirely up to you. To apply to participate in these courses, contact us for a copy of the application form.