International Experiential Learning for Anthropology Students

Summer Abroad Opportunities 2022

ANT396Y0 Italian Regional Foodways and Culture 

This participatory seminar course introduces students to the central place occupied by food, agriculture, cooking and eating in modern Italian culture. The goal of the course is to foster a deep and sensitive understanding of the historical development of Italian cuisine and to instill an appreciation of the critical importance of local climate and ecology to Italian cuisine through comparison of various regional foodways. We’ll be looking at the scholarly literature on La Cucina Italiana and will enhance our readings with opportunities to engage personally with Italian food culture through field trips to food producers tailored for this course, and through tastings of Italian foods. This course may also offer a select number of spaces for Community Engaged Learning. This exciting volunteer opportunity to work with a food program for homeless in Toronto will be completed before departure for Italy. 

ANT395Y0 Special Topics in Anthropology: Andalusian Cuisine – A Window to Spanish Culture

Food is one of the most central phenomena defining any culture. This is especially true in Spain, and in Andalusia specifically, where its cuisine has defined the region for centuries. In this course, we will take an interdisciplinary approach to explore the history and tradition of food within Andalusia and in Spain in general. We will examine the relationship between food and culture, and how both have transformed and shaped each other over the years. Our learning inside the classroom will be supplemented by weekly cooking classes, in which we will get to explore the local cuisine with a more hands-on approach.

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Future Anthropology international opportunities

Future Anthropology courses with international components will be posted on the International Education Centre UTM Abroad website when available. 

We partner with the UTM International Education Centre (IEC) to offer exciting and meaningful learning opportunities for Anthropology students. You can experience learning in a wide array of settings that include exciting international research and learning opportunities.

  • Develop anthropological research skills
  • Contribute to transformational research
  • Add international experience to resumes
  • Learn about the diversity in culture that exists in the world
  • Establish connections with fellow students and professors
  • Explore a variety of locations ranging from urban cities to rural areas

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