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PicassoExplore the meaning and power of images and their impact on our lives. Study and learn how to shape contemporary visual culture through our programs in this area. Delve into the world of movie magic with our Cinema Studies program. Challenge yourself in the unique Art & Art History program where students attend courses concurrently at UTM and at Sheridan College’s prestigious School of Animation, Arts & Design.

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TEV
Approximate Grade Range: Mid to high 70s

The chart below is based on requirements in the Ontario curriculum. We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. Admission and approximate grade requirements are based on 6 Grade 12 "U" or "M", which includes English (ENG4U). See bottom of page for prerequisites legend.

Program Name & Options Prerequisites

Art & Art History*


* U of T degree plus Sheridan College diploma earned


Art History



Cinema Studies



Visual Culture



Visual Culture & Communication



See bottom of page for legend

Why Study Visual Studies at UTM?

  • Art & Art History emphasizes the hands-on creativity of studio art and the research perspective of art history. 
  • The Art History program provides a key to understanding of human cultures through works of architecture, sculpture, painting, and other arts eloquently testify to the values and priorities of the societies that created them. 
  • The Cinema Studies program is devoted to the stylistic, historical, and theoretical analysis of film.
  • The Visual Culture program responds to the fact that in today’s world, global cultures are visual cultures. Social relations, political events, entertainment, and entire new fields of individual and collective creativity and expression all take distinctly visual forms and rely upon the production, circulation, and reception of images.
  • Visual Culture & Communication (VCC) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum that provides students with a foundation in both visual cultural and communication studies (history, theory, and criticism) and digital communication practices. 

Program Plans

Program Plans are quick and accessible overviews of the many academic and co-curricular opportunities available to help you get the most out of your UTM experience.

  • Art & Art History (HBA) - major
  • Art History (HBA) - major
  • Visual Culture & Communications (HBA) - specialist

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Careers by Major

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Chart Legend: Bio = Biology
C = Calculus & Vectors
Ch = Chemistry
F = Advanced Functions
Fr = French
Ita = Italian
M = Mathematics of Data Management
Math = One of the Grade 12 U Maths
Ph = Physics
/ = or
, = and
rec. = recommended
approx. = approximate

Sp = Specialist program
Ma = Major program
Mi = Minor program

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