Visual Studies (HBA)


Explore the meaning and power of images and their impact on our lives. Study and learn how to shape contemporary visual culture through our programs in this area. Delve into the world of movie magic with our Cinema Studies program. Challenge yourself in the unique Art & Art History program where students attend courses concurrently at UTM and at Sheridan College’s prestigious School of Animation, Arts & Design.

"I’ve taken great courses at UTM. One of the most memorable ones for me was a Colonial Art History course. My professor for that class was helpful, and she was nice, and she created such a safe environment for us for open discussions throughout the entire time that we were in her class."
- Melissa, 4th year, Visual Studies

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TEV
Approximate Grade Range: Mid to high 70s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
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  • Art & Art History
  • Art History
  • Cinema Studies
  • Visual Culture
  • Visual Culture & Communication

Exciting Opportunities


Studio Facilities at Sheridan

The Annie Smith Arts Centre comprises 10,000 square feet of working space built with many artist-friendly features like woodworking facilities and drawing, painting and sculpture studios.


Blackwood Gallery

The Blackwood Gallery is a contemporary art centre situated at UTM, and dedicated to open, public research. The gallery presents curated exhibitions featuring the work of professional artists.



Our internship course provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience at an institution or business closely related to the arts and to visual studies. This is tailored for students interested in a career in the arts.