Tanzania: Anthropology of Gender Co-curricular International Experience

During the October 2017 reading week, a group of UTM students travelled to Tanzania with Professor Sarah Hillewaert as part of ANT335H5F - Anthropology of Gender. This trip was offered as a UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experience via the UTM International Education Centre's UTM Abroad Program

Highlights of Trip

  • Swahili lessons (local language);
  • Travel to Kilimanjaro and Arusha and work alongside Femme International to learn how women are confronting gender inequality;
  • Immerse yourself in family homestays;
  • Visit the island of Zanzibar where you'll experience notions of gender, different from the Tanzanian mainland.


All photos © Sarah Hillewaert. All Rights Reserved.


Group photo of students travelling to Tanzania


Students travel to Tanzania
Dar es Salaam​:


Group photo of students in Dar es Salaam.
Students in discussion in Dar es Salaam.


Students in a discussion with NGO representative in Dar es Salaam.




Students in conversation in a garden in Moshi.


Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance as viewed from Moshi.


A group of students in discussion on a shady path under trees in Moshi.


Group of students in discussion on the steps of a historic building in Zanzibar.


Two students at the beach on a sunny day in Zanzibar.


Two students sitting in a sailboat in waters off Zanzibar.