Museum exhibit highlights collaborative archaeological research with the Huron-Wendat Nation

July 14, 2022

exhibit display with screen and text displays with canoe above it
Exhibit displays at the Huron-Wendat Museum in Wendake.
Photo credit: Huron Wendat Museum.

Some of the research on pottery that archaeologist Dr. Alicia Hawkins and colleagues have been doing for the last five years is now on display in a temporary exhibit at the Huron-Wendat Museum in Wendake, Quebec. This new interactive exhibit module was created at Science North based on prototypes created by Science Communication students from Laurentian University. The exhibit will be displayed starting July 7, 2022, and will share information about how archaeologists work as well as the tools available for the study of pottery. If you have a chance to visit, it's a great opportunity to experience the Huron-Wendat Museum and discover the fascinating profession of archaeology.

Exhibit highlights:

  • Collaborative archaeological research with the Huron-Wendat Nation
  • Demonstration of methods of forming pots by Richard Zane Smith
  • Micro-CT analysis by Amy St John and the petrographic analysis by Greg Braun

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