Focus in the Anthropology of Health


What is the Anthropology of Health ?

Anthropology of Health is the study of human biology and how it relates to cultural and physical environments. It emphasizes the effects of cultural and socioeconomic processes on biological and health outcomes in human populations. 

Developed by faculty member Dr. Tracey Galloway, an expert in chronic disease epidemiology and Indigenous health, this focus aims to prepare anthropologists for a career in health research and to train future health scientists in the anthropological techniques that lend scientific rigour and humanist compassion to a career in the health professions.

Undergraduate programs

UTM undergraduate students who focus in the Anthropology of Health normally enrol in one of the following programs:

  • Specialist Program in Anthropology (Science) ERSPE0105
  • Major Program in Anthropology (Science) ERMAJ0105

Learn more about Anthropology programs at UTM.

Undergraduate courses

Anthropology of Health courses:

Courses in this group examine a broad range of factors that contribute to growth, development and health, as well as the variable exposure to malnutrition and disease that is the consequence of inequality and injustice.

  • ANT220H5F Introduction to the Anthropology of Health
  • ANT214H5S Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
  • ANT338H5S Laboratory Methods in Biological Anthropology
  • ANT337H5 Anthropology of Growth and Development
  • ANT341H5 Anthropology of Infectious Disease
  • ANT437H5 Advanced Seminar in the Anthropology of Health

Most of our recommended upper-level courses for a focus in the Anthropology of Health are Anthropology Science (SCI) credits. 

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Teaching and Research Specialties

At UTM, our faculty teaching and research specialties include:

  • Indigenous health;
  • circumpolar populations;
  • nutrition transition;
  • food security;
  • chronic disease;
  • child growth; and
  • public health policy.

Regions of interest include:

  • Northern Canada.