Archaeological Fieldwork at UTM (ANT318H5F)

students outside at archaeological dig sites and inside a lab examining small pottery artifacts

Applications are now closed for the Archaeological Fieldwork field school (ANT318H5F and ANT418H5F) for the 2021-22 academic year.


View the course description in the UTM Academic Calendar.

The objective of the UTM Archaeological Fieldwork course (ANT318H5F) is to give students a basic grounding in the techniques and methods employed by archaeologists to extract data from an archaeological site and to process these data in the laboratory.

Because archaeological data collection is time-consuming and requires learning a number of different techniques, the first part of the course will consist of two weeks (80 hours) of field instruction, usually during the last two weeks of August.

Instruction during the field session in August deals with:

  • excavation practices
  • data recording
  • flotation
  • mapping
  • photography

The fall term is devoted to weekly four-hour laboratory sessions that focus on washing and cataloguing the artifacts excavated during the summer.


The August fieldwork generally takes place at a site within commuting distance of the UTM campus or on the UTM campus. Students are individually responsible for transportation; a car pool will be organized from the UTM campus if an off-campus site is selected. 

The Fall term lab classes take place on the Uof T Mississauga campus.

Dates and course delivery timeline

Students must be available for both the August fieldwork and the laboratory classes in the Fall term. Participation in August fieldwork is a required part of the course. This course is typically offered every year.

  • Fieldwork takes place from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • This year's fieldwork dates are August 16-27, 2021
  • Weekly four-hour laboratory classes are held during the fall term.

Applicants must read the policy below regarding enrolment in other "S" Term courses with final or deferred exams scheduled during the fieldwork portion of ANT318H5.

Policy regarding enrolment in other "S" Term courses with final or deferred exams scheduled during the fieldwork portion of ANT318H5

Students who have a final or deferred exam scheduled during the fieldwork portion of ANT318H5:

  1. must inform BOTH the ANT318H5 course instructor by email AND the Departmental Assistant at;
  2. may leave the field school for the duration of their exam only;
  3. are not permitted to take time away from the field school to study for their exam; and
  4. must make up that missed time later in the semester with other tasks.  

Fees and supplies to be purchased

  • Students are only charged Fall Registration for the course; there are no summer tuition charges.
  • The non-refundable ancillary fee of $35.00 CAD for all students who enroll in UTM Anthropology field school courses in 2021 may apply. The ancillary fee covers the cost of minor field school supplies. All excavation equipment will be supplied.
  • There is some personal equipment that you will need in order to participate (more details on these items will be provided to students enrolled in the course):
    • Long pants and long-sleeve shirts
    • Hat
    • Hiking shoes or boots
    • Gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Insect repellant
    • A light rain poncho, or rain jacket and pants
    • Water: You must bring at least one water bottle with you every day.
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Trowel (optional)

Eligibility and prerequisites

  • Prerequisites: ANT200H5, ANT201H5
  • Students must have the approval of the UTM Anthropology Department before being enrolled in the course on ROSI/ACORN. Approval will be based on number of credits completed, area of concentration, academic standing, course background and/or previous courses. If you wish to request approval to enrol, you must submit the online field school application form during the application window (see Application and enrolment process, below).
  • Students who have successfully completed ANT318H5F may apply for the advanced version of the course, ANT418H5F. Students may not enrol in ANT418 without completing ANT318 or an equivalent accredited field school.
  • This field school course is only open to University of Toronto students. First priority will be given to UTM students. Enrolment is limited.

Application and enrolment process for 2021

  1. Request departmental approval to enrol in the course by submitting the online Field School Application Form by April 9, 2021 at 9am. Applications are normally accepted during the winter term (check this page for application deadlines for future offerings).
  2. Check your email account for the results of your application (emails are usually sent towards the end of April, however there may be delays in 2021 due to COVID-19). If you receive departmental approval to enrol in this course, you must complete the steps below in order to complete your enrolment.
  3. After you confirm that you wish to enrol in the course (via email), the department will enrol you in the course via ACORN (when enrolment is open)


If you have any questions about the Archaeological Fieldwork Field School or the application process please contact the Departmental Assistant at

Field school research activities and media coverage

A virtual poster session held at the Ontario Archaeological Society Virtual Symposium (Nov. 6-8, 2020) included a series of four posters by UTM students, faculty, and staff exploring ongoing research on collections generated by the Shreiber Wood Project, which encompasses both the annual UTM Anthropology archaeological field school and the ongoing departmental work study program.

View PDF research posters from the Ontario Archaeological Society Virutal Symposium in 2020:

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