Environmental Sustainability Policy


The University would like all members of the community to strive to reduce waste on campus and make sure that all events follow the Environmental Protection Policy.

Click here to read the Environmental Protection Policy

Per the policy, please strive to reduce waste while conducting office administration tasks:

  • Strive to use paper with some recycled content
  • Print double-sided
  • Use bins throughout the Student Centre for disposal of waste from club offices. Do not use bins within the individual offices


Advertising is very important for on-campus events as it helps promote and attract more students to the scheduled events. Where possible, clubs are encouraged to use paperless forms of advertisement (for possible marketing platforms, please refer here). When deemed necessary, paper advertisements are permitted but are subject to restrictions. In keeping with the policy and the University's committment to environmental protection, it is important to remember the following recommendations:

  • Clubs must strive to use paper that contains at least some recycled content


  • Limit of 8 posters per event
    • If poster printing is to exceed 8 posters, the Campus Groups Coordinator and VP Campus Life must be consulted prior to printing
  • Print posters on non-glossy paper
  • Posters should have the following phrase: “Please pass this on to a friend and recycle after use


  • Limit of 50 flyers per day of event and a total maximum of 250 flyers
  • Flyer sizing should not be larger than half a page (6 inch by 6 inch)


When planning events, keep sustainability in mind in the following ways:

  • Promote support for sustainable food practices and purchase food from local avenues, organic and/or fair trade companies, or those that practice sustainable agriculture
  • Strive to use minimal packaging that is also biodegradable or recyclable
  • Limit usage of disposables at events by promoting usage of biodegradable cutlery through the UTMSU Green Grants and Green Shift Initiative (found on the UTMSU website)
  • Provide at least 50% vegetarian or vegan food
  • Utilize mass transportation methods for travelling to off-campus locations for events
  • Remember that you are prohibited from providing or selling bottled water at events, unless necessary. Please consult the Sustainability Coordinators or Clubs Coordinator of UTMSU if bottled water is necessary for an event.
    • Instead of purchasing bottled water, clubs are encouraged to use pitchers and biodegradable cups. Groups may obtain a pitcher free of cost from the Blind Duck to provide water for guests.