Information for Poster Presenters

ICAZ FRWG 2024 Posters

We can accommodate posters with maximum dimensions of 91 cm wide x 122 cm high. We recommend a minimum font size of 24 pt for the body text. People presenting posters in absentia will need to provide a physical poster; we cannot accommodate posters presented online only.

During the poster session (Wednesday, August 14, 9.a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon) EST), the in-person attendees will spend a couple of minutes in front of each poster in sequence, as a group. Participants who are presenting a poster in absentia and who do not have any co-authors who are participating in person are therefore requested to be available online for the poster session to answer questions. We will provide details on logistics for the question-and-answer component closer to the time.

Printing in Toronto

Poster presenters (whether in person or in absentia) who would like to get their poster printed in Toronto can order from the printshop linked below. The printshop will deliver the posters to the organizers, who will arrange to display them. Please note that we are not able to accept posters via mail or courier.

Cost and Payment

  • The cost for matte paper at the maximum allowable size is $85 Canadian, which includes the set-up cost ($10.00 Canadian) and 13% value-added tax (HST) (this price is based on a minimum of 20 posters being ordered from this print shop).
  • Payment is by ShopPay, Visa, or Mastercard, directly to the printshop at the time you place your order.

Delivery information to include in the order form

In the notes field of the order form, please indicate that this is for FRWG2024, for delivery to Department of Anthropology, 19 Ursula Franklin Street, on Tuesday, August 13, attention, 416-652-9099. 

Order deadlines

As there may be quite a few posters, the print shop have asked us to give them a little bit more time than the typical turn-around they indicate on their website, so please place your order with the printshop by 9 a.m. EST on Thursday, August 8.

Printshop order form

Email the printshop