Q & A with UTM Anthropology Students

Favourite courses

What is one anthropology course that you really enjoyed and would like to recommend to students? (3:21)

Learn more about ANT367H5, ANT338H5ANT210H5 and other anthropology courses at UTM.


Do you have a favourite subfield of anthropology, and if so why does it interest you? (2:34)

Learn more about subfields of anthropology at UTM.

 Choosing Anthropology at UTM

What was your path to studying anthropology at UTM? How does the human-centred discipline of anthropology appeal to you? How does it complement other areas of study you might have? (3:54)

Learn more about studying anthropology at UTM.

Graduate and professional school

Are you considering graduate or professional school?  (1:44)

Learn how UTM anthropology programs helped prepare alumni for career paths in law, medicine, teaching, journalism, and more.


What kinds of activities are available to anthropology students at UTM outside of regular academic work? (5:16)

Learn more about how you can get involved in opportunities for students.


What kinds of careers are you thinking of in the future? (3:20)

Learn more about anthropology career information.

Our student Q & A panel

Our UTM anthropology undergraduate student panelists have a diverse set of academic interests (0:53):

Student panelist programs of study include:

  • Double major in Anthropology (with focus on evolutionary anthropology and archaeology) and Classical Civilizations.
  • Specialist in Anthropology (with focus in anthropology of health and archaeology) and minor in Environmental Law and Policy.
  • Double major in Anthropology and Psychology.
  • Specialist in Anthropology (with focus on archaeology).

Learn more about double majors with Anthropology Arts and Science programs.

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