Field School Funding

University of Toronto Archaeology Centre: List of Fieldwork Scholarships

The University of Toronto Archaeology Centre features a list of Fieldwork Scholarships (including award descriptions, eligibility, and application information) available to University of Toronto students who wish to apply for funding to support participation in archaeological fieldwork including field schools. Some awards are for undergraduates only, and some are open to graduate students. UTM Anthropology students are encouraged to apply if criteria are met.  

UTM Anthropology Undergraduate Student Experience Fund

UTM undergraduate Anthropology students may apply for departmental funding to support their participation in anthropology-related field schools.

To apply, please use the online Undergraduate Student Education & Experience Funding Request Form and select:

  • Grant Type > "Undergraduate Student Experience Fund"; and
  • Student Experience Activity Type > "Student participation in field school"

American Center of Oriental Research Fellowships (Jordan)

The following ACOR fellowships are open to Canadian undergraduate and graduate students (for field schools in Jordan):

The Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship

The Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship

MacDonald and Sampson Fellowship