ANT361H5 Language and Culture in Southeast Asia

  • Instructor: Jack Sidnell
  • When: Thursdays from 11 AM-1 PM in Fall 2022 F term at UTM
  • Prerequisites: ANT204H5 or ANT206H5

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In this course we will consider not only scholarly, academic work but also fiction (in translation) and film. As modes of self-representation, fiction and film offer anthropologists important insights into the language and culture of Vietnam.

This course considers the development of Vietnamese language (and culture) from the beginning of the 19th century until the present day. This period saw some momentous changes including the establishment of the Vietnamese empire, European colonization, the emergence of a new orthographic system, the development of widespread literacy and the popular press, the writing of the first novels in Vietnamese, anti-imperial and anti-colonial revolution, the rise of the communist party-state, de-collectivization and economic reform, the rise of neo-liberal ideologies and real-estate markets. The Vietnamese language has likewise been transformed - often as a result of the efforts of reformers and revolutionaries who attempted to remake language as part of an effort to remake the social world.

Skills and learning outcomes:

  • Learn to develop an analysis based ondetailed study of a particular case.
  • Develop skills in expository writing andcomparative analysis.

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