Wellness Talks

Wellness Talks

Be inspired. Hear from the experts on how to be your healthiest and happiest self.

Time: 11 - 2 pm 

Location: Zone C | RAWC, Gym A/B

Each Wellness Talk will offer a raffle to win $100 Gift Card. Winners will be announced at the end of each Talk. 





11:40 am

3Es of Well-Being

The "3Es" of well-being: emotional regulation, empathy for others, and empathy for self. These are three (3) key research-based underpinning of well-being that can support our mental health, our relationships, and our capacity for success. In my talk, I will describe each E and strategies we can use to promote each E in ourselves as we move into the school year. 

Professor Ruth Speidel, UTM Psychology


12:40 pm


The Science of Learning from Failure

A talk on what resilience actually looks like in higher education with an overview of the science of learning from failure. This talk will outline supports that students need in order to bounce back from setbacks with some interactive activities to illustrate some of these resources.  

Professor Fiona Rawle, UTM Biology 

1:40 pm

What is Resilience Made of? The Mental Abilities that Determine Well-being

We are told to try to manage our stress levels and engage in self-care, but what does that really mean? This talk will discuss recent research on the psychology of well-being and resilience, drawing on studies conducted here at UTM. Dr. Farb will present evidence on the mindfulness-to-meaning theory, which suggests that our well-being depends on at least two (2) trainable capacities: (1) the ability to break away from our harmful mental habits, and (2) the ability to discover new access points to happiness and meaning. This presentation will offer practical skills to improve own ability to navigate life's inevitable stresses. 

Professor Norman Farb, UTM Psychology