Event Passport

Event Passport

Students can earn a $10 Food Voucher* and/or CCR credit by participating in the Be Well UTM: Resource & Activity Fair

Click here to fill out the Virtual Event Passport, after you have completed the below requirements.

Requirements for the free snack* and/or CCR credit:

To receive a $10 Food Voucher*, students must complete the following three (3) requirements:

  1. Attend 1 Resource Spotlight session
  2. Attend 1 of either: Wellness Talk, Wellness Workshop, or Fitness Class (20 - 60 min)
  3. Attend 1 Self Care Activity

To receive a CCR credit, in addition to the Food Voucher*, students must attend all requirements above, PLUS participate in the CCR Community Café

Please note: 

*Limited availability; first-come, first-served. Only registered UTM students are eligible for the aforementioned incentives. To ensure validity of responses, all entries will be cross-referenced with actual attendance at the various sessions. All Event Passports will be verified following the Fair, and students will be contacted in October 2023 regarding next steps on how to obtain the free snack and/or CCR credit.