Groups & Workshops

Groups & Workshops are powerful vehicles for change. When we participate in a group with others who are living with similar concerns, we begin to realize that we are not alone in our struggles. We explore and learn new skills, practicing these in the safety of the group. Groups can be an empowering experience; feeling the support of the facilitator(s) and fellow group members can increase our motivation and energy to create the change we want for ourselves.

Please check out the groups & workshops outlined below and choose one (or more) that you believe is a good fit for you:

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Surviving a Break-Up

Facilitator: Katrina Levasseur-Nedamat, MSW, RSW (she/her)

When: Tuesday, October 26 – 1:30-2:30pm

Where: Zoom, Link to be sent on the day of the workshop

There's no getting around it - breakups can be rough! They are also a normal part of life, so rest assured - you are not alone. We will come together in this workshop to create a supportive space to learn new skills for best-taking care of ourselves and our mental health during a breakup.

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Please note that group members will be asked to provide facilitators with a contact phone number, emergency contact and current Ontario address prior to the start of each group session.

Building Resilience: Understanding Stress and Building Skills to Cope

Facilitator: Amar Ghelani, MSW, RSW

When: Wednesday November 10, 17, 24, December 1, from 2:00-3:00 pm

Where: MS Teams, links to be sent to participants on the first morning of the group.

This is a 4-part weekly workshop series that will be offered each month to UTM students.  This series offers an introduction to understanding stress; its benefits and challenges; the skills and supports needed to cope well in university and develop long-term resilience (the ability to bounce back from overwhelming forms of stress).

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Dealing with Hard Feelings

Facilitators: Helen Leung, MSW, RSW (she/her) and Lauren Drouchard, MSW, RSW (she/her)

When: Thursdays, 1:30-3:00pm - October 21, 28, November 4, 11

Where: MS Teams, links to be provided

For many of us, experiencing certain emotions can be particularly difficult and uncomfortable. Whether it be feeling anxious, sad, or angry, it is natural to want to avoid feeling upset and to find ways to make these hard feelings go away. At times, we may use actions to 'get rid of' these hard feelings that can hurt us in the long run.  However, emotions, including the hard ones, are all part of being human and living life, and we cannot avoid them. In this 4-week group, participants will learn more about the role of emotions in their lives, what happens when we can’t deal with our hard feelings, and learn skills drawn from mindfulness, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) to help them to manage emotional distress in a safe and helpful way. By the end of this group, participants will develop their own personal plan for dealing with feelings that challenge them the most!

*All students who register for the group will be contacted by one of the group facilitators (HCC counsellors) for a brief, 15-minute 'intake' phone call (gathering of information and opportunity to ask any questions about the group)

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Facilitator: Vi Phan, MSW, RSW

When: Last Wednesday of every month.  Upcoming dates: October 27, November 24, 2:00-3:00pm

Where: MS Teams, links to be sent on the morning of the group.

Inviting all BIPOC and QTBIPOC students to join us for this supportive, inclusive community circle where we will create a safe environment to discuss and reflect on our intersectional identities and lived experiences.  This group will be facilitated by racialized counsellors from the Health & Counselling Centre.  Come to chat, share and connect with your peers on a variety of student driven topics with a specific focus on our cultural and racial identities and experiences.   

Join us for our first meeting as we launch this new monthly group at the Be Well Fair. In our first session we’ll be discussing the terms BIPOC and QTBIPOC and exploring as a group their origins, what they represent, along with your own experiences, views and how you relate to your own identity. 

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Think, Feel, Do: A CBT group for Anxiety and Low Mood

When: TBD, 2022

Inviting all students to join us for a 5-part series program where we will build our awareness about managing anxiety and low mood. This group will help students work with their thoughts and feelings in a different way. We will use the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Model (CBT), to learn how thoughts, feelings and actions interact with each.  From there, we will learn some skills and strategies to challenge thinking styles that may contribute to anxiety and low mood as well as behavioural actions we can do to change our feelings. 

How to turn on close captioning in Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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