Price List

Take a look at our price list for birth control, common vaccines, miscellaneous tests and other uninsured services offered by the Health & Counselling Centre. 

Please note, the HCC accepts debit and credit card (Visa & Mastercard) only.  We do not accept cash.

Birth Control & Vaccines 

 Alesse / Alysena$5.00
 Plan B (emergency contraceptive pill)$20.00
 Gardasil 9 (3 doses required)$185.00 / dose

Uninsured Services

 Medical Note (not related to courses)$20.00
 Support Letter$25.00
 Medical Records (request or transfer)$25.00
 Medical Form$30.00
 Immunization Form$25.00

Other Services / Items

 TB skin test$20.00 / step
 Wart removal (plantar, perianal, genital)Covered (no cost if insured)
 Wart removal (cosmetic, all others)$15.00 per application
 Tensor bandage$10.00
Ice pack$5.00

Visit Fees (for patients without a valid health card)

 Minor Assessment$25.00
 Intermediate Assessment $40.00
 General Assessment $90.00
 Physical / Periodic Health Visit$50.00
 Primary Mental Health Care (counselling with physician)$70.00