Immunization Services

Immunizations provide an important layer of protection, especially with recent outbreaks and re-emergence of diseases in the Greater Toronto Area. The Health & Counselling Centre provides immunization services to all current full and part-time University of Toronto students. Some vaccinations are offered for free, while others are available for a fee. Additionally, there may be a cost associated with support in completing immunization forms for work, school or volunteering.

To access immunization services, students will need to arrange an appointment with an HCC provider. Students are asked to bring their T-Card, Ontario Health Card, other Canadian provincial health card or a copy of the University Health Insurance Plan to every appointment. It is also helpful to bring any records of previous vaccinations. For those that received immunizations in Ontario, you can reach out to your local Public Health department to access your records.

See below for how to access public health regions in Toronto, Peel and Halton.

The following vaccinations are available at no cost:

*Flu vaccinations are seasonal and students are asked to monitor HCC communications in November each year for more information.

The clinic offers Gardasil 9 (3 doses) at $185.00 per dose.

To learn more about HPV, check out this information provided by Public Health Services.

Interested in immunizations not mentioned above?

You can access additional vaccines, listed below, by getting a prescription from one of our physicians filled at a pharmacy and brought back to the clinic for administration.

Still don’t see what you are looking for?
  • Speak to one of our healthcare providers for support. Call the Health & Counselling Centre at 905-828-5255 during business hours, Monday to Friday. Or you can visit the clinic located at 1123A, Davis Building.
  • Check out travel immunization clinics.

Information on prices for other uninsured services can be found at the Dispensary