The Wellness Den


Wellness Den

The Wellness Den is a student space on campus that features weekly, drop-in wellness opportunities to support learning and success. Open to all UTM students. Brought to you by the UTM Health & Counselling Centre.

Drop by for a visit - Located in Room 2077A, Davis Building.  

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Upcoming Sessions


Wellness 101: Indigenous Wellness by The Wholesome Conscious 

Led by Alexandria Bipatnath 
Indigenous wellness is about finding a balance of the mind, body and spirit as a crucial element in maintaining a healthy being. For this Wellness 101 workshop, join Alexandria Bitpatnath, an Indigenous Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Integrative Nutritionist, as she will be discussing strategies for nourishing the nervous system with herbal supports, eating seasonally/warming foods for the colder seasons as well as other immune boosting tips for staying healthy throughout the fall and winter.  

Wed., November 16 | 12 - 1 pm 

Zoom Meeting ID: 526 238 2165

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Art for the Heart: 4-Week Series

Looking for a creative way to enhance your self-care routine? Join us for “Art for the Heart”, a 4-week series where participants will meet once a week in a small group to draw, paint and find unique and artistic ways to practice self-care and express themselves. “Art for the Heart” sessions will be facilitated by two students from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute.
This program is open to UofT students who are currently residing in Ontario. Spots are limited. Given the developing nature of the sessions, participants are asked to plan ahead to attend all 4 sessions prior to registering.
Art Kits are available at no cost for participants. Pick up at UTM only. 

When: Fridays 1:30-3:00pm | November 18, 25, December 2, 9, 2022

Facilitator: Toronto Art Therapy Institute Placement Student

Where: Zoom, link to be provided.

Registration is required.

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Wellness 101: Mental Health in Men and Male-Identifying Individuals

Led by Israel Galvez and Dayana Wolski, Health Promotion Nurses, Health & Counselling Centre
There are many misconceptions about mental illness that make it difficult for men and male-identifying individuals to talk to others and take charge of their health. While mental illness affects all genders, it is often overlooked in this population. Recognizing the signs of mental illness is the first step towards getting appropriate treatment and support. For this Wellness 101 workshop, join our Health Promotion Nurses as they discuss strategies for men and male-identifying individuals to take action and make positive changes towards mental health.

Wed., November 23 | 12- 1pm

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Wellness 101: Sleep Hygiene: Tips for Getting a Good Night's Rest

Led by Faiza Khokhar, Counsellor, Health & Counselling Centre
Sleep is essential to both our physical and emotional well-being and is also greatly affected by the stress we feel in our everyday lives.  Social distancing can make everything feel out of order and may have changed the way we view and practice trying to get a good night's rest.  In this one-hour workshop, we will learn the do's and don'ts of sleep hygiene and explore how the messages we send ourselves about sleep may be affecting the quality of sleep we get.  Whether we are in the midst of social distancing or living our everyday lives, sleep hygiene provides us with guidelines and practices to promote a healthy, restful night, increasing our chances of feeling well the next day.

Wed., November 30 | 12-1pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 526 238 2165

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Past Sessions

Wellness 101: Flu vs Cold

Led by Health Promotion Nurses
It's beginning to look a lot like FLU SEASON! 
The cold weather months are quickly approaching, and with them come a higher chance of getting sick with The Flu. You caught something but are unsure if it is a cold or the flu? The difference between the two can be puzzling.  Join us for this Wellness 101 workshop where we will discuss the differences between Cold and Flu symptoms,  strategies for Flu prevention and symptom management.

Wed., November 9  | 12 - 1 pm


Wellness 101: Opioids and the Dangers of Misuse

Led by Professor Karen Woodall
Opioid misuse is a prevalent societal issue that affects the community. Led by Professor Karen Woodall, this in-person Wellness 101 workshop intends to educate people about opioids, why they can be dangerous, signs of opioid toxicity, and what to do if someone is experiencing an overdose. Naloxone kits will be available for learning!

Wed., October 26  | 12 - 1 pm


Wellness 101: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you question whether you are cut out for university? Have you ever felt that your achievements are just luck? You are not alone! Like many others, the self-doubt that you experience may be imposter syndrome. The term imposter syndrome was first coined in the 1970s by psychologists Suzanne Imes and Pauline Rose Clance, and they described it as a phenomenon that occurs amongst high achievers who are unable to internalize and accept their own personal success. 
In this workshop, we’ll explore imposter syndrome from an intersectional lens. Together, we will consider how this common phenomenon may be more prevalent amongst certain groups and identities.  Race, socio-economic class, gender, sexuality, citizenship status are just a few examples of how systemic and social barriers related to identity can amplify imposter syndrome and get in the way of your success and confidence. Join us as we work to increase our self-awareness of imposter syndrome and its impact along with identifying strategies to overcome it!      

Wed., October 19  | 12 - 1 pm


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