Did You Know? Interesting Facts about the HCC

By the Health & Counselling Centre Admin Team

Why do we ask you to call us instead of booking an appointment over email? 

We need to confirm your current demographics such as your current address and phone number to ensure we have the most up to date information on file. 

In many cases we connect you directly with a nurse to review your concern and book you an appropriate appointment. 

Available appointments change on a regular basis due to bookings, cancellations etc. Speaking to you directly guarantees an appointment that works with your schedule.  


You can “e-see” a health professional on the same day! 

Same day appointments are available on a “first come first served” basis (by telephone) with physicians, counsellors, the dietitian, and nurses.  This allows you to speak to a health professional when needed or on an urgent basis.   

Contrary to popular belief, we DO NOT have a waitlist to see a counsellor. Call us at 905-828-5255 to make an appointment.  


There are additional resources available in the community when the HCC is closed. 

These resources include local hospitals, walk-in clinics, mental health resources (including culturally specific options), sexuality clinics, and COVID assessment centers.  

Visit our Resources portion of our website for a detailed list of resources available to you in addition to the Health & Counselling Centre such as; 


Why you may be missing phone calls from the HCC? 

A majority of HCC staff will be contacting you from a blocked or unknown number while working remotely. If you are using a cell phone; 

  • Ensure your phone is not set to automatically reject blocked/unknown numbers. 

  • Ensure your phone isn’t set to "do not disturb" which will cause your phone to send the call directly to voicemail. 

  • Confirm your phone isn’t on silent so you are able to hear the call when it comes through.  

  • Expect an unknown number to be calling you around the time of your scheduled appointment 

If the provider has NOT contacted you by 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, please call the HCC at 905-828-5255 or email health.utm@utoronto.ca (if the phone line is busy) to let us know.  

We will endeavor to find an alternate way to connect you to your provider. 

Missing your appointment with one of our providers can result in “missed appointment” charge, so follow the above tips to avoid any charges to your account.