Stepped Care


Stepped Care


Personalize your wellness plan.

In line with recommendations from the Presidential & Provostial Task Force on Student Mental Health, the University of Toronto has begun the process of implementing a Stepped Care approach to student mental health care across all three of its campuses. The UTM Health & Counselling Centre (HCC) has been utilizing a Stepped Care approach for a number of years, and this announcement more formally highlights the diverse range of personalized care options that are available to UTM students.

Wellness Navigation

Balancing student responsibilities with other personal stressors can take a toll on your well-being.

With guidance and support from a Wellness Navigation Advisor, you can explore flexible wellness resources and create a Personalized Wellness Plan that fits your individual needs and preference.

You can learn about and get connected to a variety of care options offered on and off-campus such as: 

  • Online tools and materials to increase mental health literacy
  • Peer Support
  • Guided apps and coaching programs
  • Workshops and therapeutic groups
  • In-person, virtual or phone counselling 
  • 1:1 support with a health care professional
  • Other relevant student supports and services

Why are Wellness Navigation Appointments helpful?

  • You can identify your wellness goals.
  • You can explore evidenced-based, reliable resources that work with what you need and want now.
  • You can have access to care at different levels of intensity. 
  • You can learn how to monitor and adapt your Personalized Wellness Plans as your needs change.

Call the Health & Counselling Centre at 905-828-5255 or visit during business hours, Monday to Friday, to book a Wellness Navigation Appointment.

Resource Checklist

Build Your Mental Health Literacy


Talk to a Peer Supporter, Work with a Coach, or Use a Guided App


Attend a Workshop or Therapeutic Group 


Meet 1:1 with a Health Care Professional 

To learn about additional options, please contact the HCC.

For faculty and staff seeking information on supporting students, click here.



Benefits of Stepped Care 

  • Student-centric, personalized approach. Students are centrally involved in developing their personalized wellness plans, and are able to direct their own care to the best of their ability, with guidance as needed from HCC staff. 
  • Same-day, open access. Students can access care on the same day their needs arise, with minimal assessment required. A key focus of Stepped Care is on helping students finding timely and effective solutions that best address their concerns. 
  • Wider variety of care options. Students have flexible access to care at different intensity levels, which are stepped up or down depending on several factors, including the unique needs and strengths of each individual student. For example, students who come to the HCC are able to choose from a variety of care options, spanning from self-directed or peer-to-peer health education opportunities to more tailored, one-on-one appointments with health care professionals. 
  • Dedicated staff support. As part of Stepped Care, the HCC will gain a new Navigator staff role to assist students with better understanding and navigating the various care options available to them. This will not restrict access to counsellors or doctors when students request these types of appointments, but rather be available to support students who may be unsure of what options are available to them.