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The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research, is located at the following address:

University of Toronto Mississauga
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6

Research Office Staff

Professor Kent Moore's research is in Physics in UTM's Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences. He focuses on investigating climate change and meteorology, using theoretical, computational, and observational techniques to understand the dynamics of the climate system so as to improve the ability to place currently observed changes to the climate in a long-term context. He is also an entrepreneur and has been involved in start-ups and investments.

Photo of VPR Professor Kent Moore
Professor Kent Moore, PhD
Vice Principal, Research
Professor of Physics
HSC 342 - Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex

Elspeth H. Brown is Professor of History at the University of Toronto. Her research concerns queer and trans history; the history and theory of photography; the history of US capitalism; and oral history. She is the author of Work! A Queer History of Modeling (Duke, 2019) and The Corporate Eye: Photography and the Rationalization of American Commercial Culture, 1884-1929 (2005). She is co-editor of Feeling Photography (Duke University Press, 2014, with Thy Phu), “Queering Photography,” a special issue of Photography and Culture (2014), and Cultures of Commerce: Representation and American Business Culture, 1877-1960 (Palgrave, 2006). She is the Director of the LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory, a multi-year digital history and oral history public, digital humanities collaboration. At the University of Toronto, she is also to Faculty Lead for the Critical Digital Humanities Initiative, a three-year Institutional Strategic Initiative. She is an active volunteer and former President of the Board for The ArQuives: Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives.

Image of Professor Elspeth Brown

Elspeth Brown
Associate Vice-Principal, Research

Carla DeMarco resisted her calling to hit the stage as the lead singer in a ska band, and opted instead to make some noise at the University of Toronto. The Research Office isn't her first gig at the University of Toronto, but it is the place where she gets to combine her three favourite Rs: ‘riting, reviewing and researching.

As the Communications and Grants Manager for the Office of the Vice-Principal, Research, Carla reviews grant proposal applications and researches potential funding opportunities, writes research-related profiles, and updates the Research Office's communication vehicles. Along the way she gets to interview some amazing faculty members to hear about their research, speaking one-on-one with them  about their respective projects, and she also facilitates research-award nominations.

Carla started her career at OISE in 1990, working switchboard while completing her undergraduate degree in Cinema Studies and English at U of T. She went on to work at the U of T Magazine as a Magazine Assistant and Editorial Coordinator, and also did some writing for the Bulletin and Advancement Communications (now Strategic Communications) at U of T. Having been at UTM since 2006, she loves the collegial and supportive vibe of the campus, and when she isn’t working in the Research Office or working out at the RAWC, she likes talking about books with the UTMost Book Club.

Photo of Carla DeMarco
Carla DeMarco
Research Communications & Grants Manager
HSC 338 - Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex

Veron Fernandes joined the UTM Research Office in January 2020 as Office Administrator.  She is the main point of contact for the office in the Health Sciences Complex and coordinates many OVPR efforts including scheduling, events’ assistance, overseeing our ethics committee, producing research reports, and disseminating information.

She has worked for the U of T Mississauga since 2010 supporting the university community in roles involving admissions, recruitment, and program coordination.

Veron is a travel enthusiast, having had the opportunity to explore 45+ countries she has a deep appreciation for international cuisine, art, and culture.

Image of Veron Fernandes
Veron Fernandes
Office Administrator
HSC-332 - Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex


People often comment on Devin Kreuger’s youthful glow, but he is actually a seasoned professional with several years of research-administration experience under his belt.

Devin started his career at the University of Toronto as a Contracts Officer in the Technology Transfer Office in 1999, and then served as the Social Sciences & Humanities Partnerships and Grants Officer in Research Services, before he was poached by UTM as its Research Manager in 2003 with the establishment of the Research Office. Devin is now the Director of the unit, and oversees a thriving research environment, providing strategic leadership to researchers looking for guidance for their research matters, and also supervising units, such as the Academic Machine Shop, to provide faculty members with exceptional resources to help them succeed in their projects.

Outside of the Research Office, Devin spends his time perfecting his photography skills, knitting, gaming and reading. He is also UTM’s tarot card-reader extraordinaire, setting up shop once a year to read people’s fortunes, with acute accuracy, while also donating the proceeds to United Way. (See the “Off the Clock” feature about Devin’s tarot talents.) 

Photo of Devin Kreuger
Devin Kreuger
Director, Research
HSC 340 - Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex

Rong Wu’s career path has education and technology written all over it, bringing with her a whole new level of learning and experience to the UTM Research Office. As the Internal Competitions & Events Coordinator, Rong oversees internal funding competitions, internal awards and the coordination of Research Office events.

A U of T Master of Information Studies graduate, Rong was the Program Assistant for the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation on the St. George campus and was also employed at the Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement prior to joining the Research Office. Rong also served as the Learning Technology Liaison at Ryerson University, providing training for educational technologies such as Blackboard, Wiki, Tablets and Clicker, and she has worked at the Toronto Public Library.

True to her academic nature, Rong enjoys learning every chance she gets outside of the university, whether it’s through activities she undertakes with her two young children, or taking up new skills in the areas of crafting or baking.

Image of Rong Wu
Rong Wu
Internal Competitions & Events Coordinator
MN-3231 - Maanjiwe nendamowinan




Academic Workshop

Since joining the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2005, Peter Duggan combines his innovative and previous industry experience and knowledge in machining, wood working, mechanics and electronics to support the UTM Research Department: by taking concepts and ideas and bringing them to reality with the right materials for practical use. He was instrumental in the shop's purchase of its CNC machine in 2009.

Outside of work, Peter spends his personal time with his family and friends. He is an ice hockey goalie and spends a great deal of his time at a rink.  He enjoys time in his home workshop building different projects.

Image of Peter Duggan

Supervisor: Peter Duggan
Tel. 905 828-5327
Location: DV 1004

OVPR Core Facilities 

Xin Zhao started her second career and life anew in Canada beginning in the year 2000 as a research technician at University of Toronto’s St. George campus. With more than 13 years research experience in the field of molecular biology, cell culture, and imaging as well as strong lab-management skills, she joined UTM in 2014 as a core facility technician at the Department of Biology. With the goal of setting up and operating a new core facility, she helped to establish the UTM & Biology Core Facilities, which includes the Cell and Molecular Biology Facility, Cell and Tissue Culture Facility and Imaging Facility. Under Xin’s dedicated care and attention, the initiation and operation of core facilities has continued to be successful and these three core facilities have become important resources for UTM researchers. She joined The Office of Vice-Principal Research (OVPR) in July 2020 when the three core facilities were fully transferred from the Department of Biology to OVPR.

Now Xin manages the Cell and Molecular Biology Facility and the Cell and Tissue Culture Facility. Additionally, she takes care of common research equipment including autoclaves, pure-water systems, fridges/freezers and growth chambers, as well as the Honeywell remote alarm system.

Beyond her passions for work, Xin loves reading in a quiet space where she can enjoy emotional and inspirational stories no matter the genre.

Image of Xin Zhao

Core Facility Technician: Xin Zhao
Tel: 905-569-4270
Location: Room HSC-334
Core Facilities Booking System

Collaborative Digital Research Space

Dr. Elizabeth Parke is the Senior Research Associate for Collaborative Digital Research at the University of Toronto, Mississauga where she coordinates the Collaborative Digital Research Space (CDRS) as the physical hub of these activities and works with humanities and social science researchers to build research strength in these areas. Elizabeth is a specialist in contemporary Chinese art and visual culture and previously held postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto (JHI/CLIR) and Media@McGill. Her first book-length manuscript traces the relationships between urban infrastructure, art, and film in Beijing from 1978-2012 and her second major research project examines luxury car culture in Greater China. She's published articles in China Information, The Journal of Chinese Cinema, and most recently, co-edited a special issue with Will Straw for Film Studies. Her DH work focuses on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and archival photographs to recontextualize performance works in Beijing (1980s-90s) in situ. Additionally, Elizabeth is the lead for faculty consultations on collaborative programming and part of the executive team of the Digital Humanities Network

Image of Elizabeth Parke

Senior Research Associate: Elizabeth Parke, PhD
Tel. 905 569-4695
Location: MN 3230 - Maanjiwe nendamowinan

Imaging Facility

As a cellular neurobiologist, Katie Harris-Howard completed her PhD in the Department of Cell and Systems Biology at UofT, conducted postdoctoral research at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT, and worked as a Research Associate in the lab of former V.P., Research Bryan Stewart at UTM. 

She is fascinated by synapses, the structures that form communication links between neurons and other cells, and Katie’s ongoing research seeks to characterize novel cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to synaptic development, function, and plasticity. 

Katie has expertise in a wide range of imaging tools and techniques, and she is an experienced educator and adviser: she teaches courses in undergraduate biology, and mentors undergraduate and graduate students. Katie is delighted to provide expert guidance to help UTM researchers use the Imaging Facility resources to tackle their own research questions.

She is a mom of one, and outside of UTM Katie enjoys reading science fiction, baking, and playing board games. 

Image of Katie Harris-Howard





Senior Research Associate: Kathryn Harris-Howard, PhD
Tel. 416 996-8751
Location: DV 2023

NMR Facility

Dmitry Pichugin completed an HBSc in Organic Chemistry at UofT in 2011 before going on to complete a PhD in Bio-Physics at UTM, studying the activation mechanism of membrane proteins known as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), under the supervision of Professor Scott Prosser in the Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences.

His research focuses on studying the interaction between GPCRs and ligands through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and he tries to answer how binding plays into activation mechanism and signal transduction. In the case of Dimitry’s research, ligand means small organic molecules and a range of biologically relevant cations such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

Dmitry became fascinated with NMR during his undergraduate research projects and has pursued it ever since. He has worked on wide range of NMR projects, looking at small molecules, proteins, polymers, and solids, and one of his favourite areas is solving structures of organic molecules, but his personal goal is to learn as many different NMR experiments as possible.

Outside of work, Dmitry is an outdoor enthusiast, spending his time mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry camping, or just hiking with his family or dog, or with his friends.


Senior Research Associate: Dimitry Pichugin
Tel. 416-524-1731
Location: DV 2051B

Growth Facilities

Research greenhouse and growth chambers

Do you wonder how plants can remain outside under all environmental conditions and thrive? Did you ever contemplate the stark difference in plants’ life compared to animals who can take shelter when the conditions (e.g. weather) become unbearable?  These are the questions that keep Vera Velasco in the research greenhouse and lab occupied for a good deal of her time.

Vera joined UTM in 2017 as a postdoc and is currently UTM growth facilities’ in-house plant physiologist. In her role, Vera facilitates and supports plant-related research within the UTM community. Her work includes investigating how plants acclimate to abiotic stressors, for example drought, heatwave and nutrient deficiency.  She examines plant morphological, biochemical and molecular traits in her quest to understand how plants will respond to future climate.

Vera loves the seas and has cruised in 5 out of the “seven seas.”  She started exploring Ontario’s natural bodies of water this year and aims to have experienced most of them before she retires.

See Vera’s profile at the UTM Growth Facilities website for a more complete bio.

Image of Vera Velasco






Senior Research Associate: Vera Velasco, PhD
Tel. 905 569-4394
Location: 1695 Outer Circle Road (northwest corner of Parking Lot 9)


Kerri Nielsen started at UTM in 2017 as the Veterinary Director, for the Vice-Principal, Research. Since obtaining her DVM from the University of Guelph, Kerri has held a number of positions in research animal care facilities, both, nationally and internationally serving both industry and academia.

As Veterinary Director at UTM, she provides leadership and expertise to the UTM Animal Care Facility; responsible for the animal care program while supporting the academic and research goals of our students, faculty, and staff. In directing the overall operations of the vivarium Kerri will work closely with facility staff and stakeholders to ensure best practices in animal care to facilitate successful research outcomes.


Veterinary Director: Kerri Nielsen, DVM
Tel. 647 382-8794
Location: DV 2034A