Kent Moore

Kent Moore, PhD

Vice Principal, Research
Distinguished Professor of Theoretical Geophysics of Climate Change

Leadership; strategic visioning; university and community research outreach and engagement

HSC 342 - Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex
Phone: 905-569-5766
Email: vpresearch.utm@utoronto.ca

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Elspeth Brown

Elspeth Brown, PhD

Associate Vice-Principal, Research - Strategic Initiatives
Professor of History

Strategic research and partnership programs including Institutional Strategic Initiatives

Email: elspeth.brown@utoronto.ca

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Josh Milstein

Josh Milstein, PhD

Associate Vice-Principal, Research - Facilities
Associate Professor of Chemical & Physical Sciences

Core facilities management; campus-wide research infrastructure and equipment

Email: josh.milstein@utoronto.ca

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Payam Zahedi

Payam Zahedi, PhD

Director, Research

Research operations and support; change management; strategic planning

Email: payam.zahedi@utoronto.ca

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Raquel De Souza

Raquel De Souza, PhD

Director, Partnerships and Innovation

Strategic and research partnerships; startup incubation at SpinUp

Email: raquel.desouza@utoronto.ca

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