Major Research Management Project Fund

Updated: October 2023


** Temporary Ramp-down of UofT’s Major Research Project Management Fund **

For several years the University’s MRPM program has provided support for large, complex research initiatives that meet certain criteria.  Support included proposal development funding (“Stream 1” – up $10K per project, matched by the academic division) and project management funding (“Stream 2” – up to $50K per project year, matched by the academic division). 

Given the growing popularity of the program, current financial commitments are approaching the limits of the MRPM budget.  For that reason, it has been decided that a moratorium will be placed on MRPM Stream 1 awards until further notice.  With respect to Stream 2 awards, capacity exists to fund a very small number, at a reduced level of up to $25,000 per project year – matched by the academic division. Once those funds have been committed, a moratorium will also be placed on Stream 2 until such time as the MRPM fund is sufficiently replenished.


The tri-campus Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, administers a fund designed to support major collaborative research projects where the budget request is typically in excess of $1M total, with an annual budget of several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. To learn about this opportunity, please review the MRMP program guidelines. The opportunity has two streams: Stream 1 (up to 10K to support proposal development) and Stream 2 (up to 50K to support project management for successful proposals; when matched, these amounts are 20K and 100K). The funding opportunity requires a divisional cash match, which UTM's Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation (OVPRI) can contribute to. It is recommended to seek match contribution from other units involved in project as well.

To apply: Before applying to the MRMP program, please contact our office to seek matching support. You can contact Payam Zahedi at to start the process. If matching funds area available then a letter of support will be crafted for your MRMP request.