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The UTM Imaging Facility is a shared resource providing instruction, support, and equipment for researchers performing optical microscopy. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments including a conventional confocal microscope, a spinning disc confocal microscope, a confocal system for multiphoton imaging, an epifluorescence microscope, and a tabletop SEM. The facility also provides training, consultation, workshops, and access to software for data analysis. The Imaging Facility is located in Davis 1074C and is maintained by Senior Research Associate Katie Harris-Howard. We welcome researchers from across UofT, as well as external users.


Researchers must receive training to access the Imaging Facility. UofT researchers can complete the following form, and we will contact you to discuss your imaging plans and schedule a training session: (You may use this form to request access to the Growth Facilities and Life Science Core Facilities at the same time).

External researchers can contact us at


Microscopes must be booked in advance. To make a reservation please log in to BookitLab.


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