Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 800

Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 880

Confocal Spinning Disc, Quorum Technologies X-Light V2

Epifluorescence microscope, Nikon Eclipse 50i

JEOL NeoScope JCM-5000

Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 800


Zeiss LSM800 confocal microscope
The Zeiss LSM 800 is a laser scanning microscope system equipped with an inverted fluorescence microscope, four laser lines, highly sensitive GaAsP detectors, an Airyscan detector, and a transmitted light detector. It is capable of simultaneously acquiring 4 fluorescent images and 1 DIC image in a single sample scan, and is able to do three dimensional fluorescence imaging. Technical specifications are as follows.


  • Observer Z1
  • High-end fully motorized inverted microscope
  • Remote LCD touch screen allowing for remote control of all motorized components
  • Motorized Z motor with 10nm reproducibility and customizable variable speed focus control
  • Motorized XY scanning stage, minimum travel range of 130x85mm, with <1µm reproducibility.  Capable of holding slides, labtek chambers, 35mm dishes.
  • Motorized light path control, condensor, illumination shutters, reflector turret, filter cubes
  • Hardware-based focus stabilization, capable of being used for multiple xy locations in combination with z-stack, time course, and spectral imaging, in order to optimize acquisition from live cell experiments
  • XY image resolution of 6000x6000 pixels
  • Spectral detection with a spectral resolution as low as 1nm, with a range of 400-720nm (detection available >720)
  • Spectral un-mixing of up to 10 fluorophores, with 20 spectral channels
  • 360 degree rotation of scan field
  • Multi-Region of Interest FRAP capability, with ability to vary laser power between FRAP locations
  • EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.5 
  • Plan Apochromat 20x/0.8 NA
  • Plan Apochromat 40x/1.4 NA oil immersion
  • Plan Apochromat 63x/1.4NA oil immersion 
  • Differential Interference Contrast for all objectives
  • Full complement of solid state lasers, with the following wavelengths and minimum powers, or equivalent. Laser line intensity variable from 1-100% in 0.1% increments, with full linear response.
    • 405nm (5mw)
    • 488nm (10mw)
    • 555nm (10mw)
    • 639mw (5mw)
  • Capable of simultaneously acquiring 4 fluorescent images and 1 DIC image in a single sample scan
  • Two internal high-sensitivity low noise Gallium Arsenide Phosphide detectors (GaAsP)
  • One high-sensitivity low noise super resolution detector (Airyscan)
  • Single transmitted light detector for DIC imaging in parallel with confocal
Widefield Fluorescence
  • Filters for DAPI, GFP, and Cy3, or equivalent dyes
  • Alignment-free extended long life (20000hr) LED fluorescence light source
  • Actively dampened isolation table
  • Windows 7 professional
  • Confocal Operating Software Zen 2.3
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Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM880


Zeiss LSM880 confocal microscope
The Zeiss LSM 880 is a laser scanning microscope system equipped with an upright fluorescence microscope, four conventional laser lines, and a tunable insight X3 laser for 2-photon imaging. It has GaAsP detectors, an Airyscan detector, and Big-2 detector for 2-photon imaging. The system delivers super-resolution imaging and fast scanning speed, and is able to do three dimensional imaging. The 2-photo imaging mode, with a long working distance objective, is capable of acquiring optical sections of deep tissue layers. Technical specifications are as follows:


  • Examiner Z1
  • Upright
  • Objectives are changed manually
  • Z-Piezo stage
  • EC PlnN 10X /0.3 DICI,  dry
  • W Pln Apo 20x/ 1 w DICIII, water
  • LD LCI plnApo 25x/0.8 W DICII, water /Glycerol with or without cover slip/ oil with cover slip
  • Pln Apo 63x/1.4 Oil DIC II, with cover slip
  • Diode 405nm
  • Argon 458nm, 488nm, 514nm
  • DPSS 561nm
  • HeNe 633
  • Gallennium Arsenide Phosphide detectors (GaAsP)
  • One high-sensitivity low noise super-resolution detector (Airyscan)
  • BiG-2 GaAsP detector for 2-photon imaging
  • InsightX3 Tunable laser; 690-1080 nm
  • Emission filters for green (500-550 nm) and red (575-610 nm) 
  • BIG-2 GaAsP detector
Wild field Fluorescence
  • Filter sets available:
    • DAPI, Zeiss filter set 49
    • Alexa 488, Zeiss filter set 38
    • Alexa 555, Zeiss Filter set 43
  • Light source
    • X-cite 110 LED
  • Newport ST Series
  • Windows 7
  • Operating Software Zen 2.3 SP1
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Confocal Spinning Disc, Quorum Technologies X-Light V2


Quorum spinning disc confocal microscope
The acquisition system is an X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal with an LDI-7 laser engine, supplied and integrated by Quorum Technologies. The system is equipped with a stage-top live cell incubator for live cell imaging in 35 mm dishes, or 12-, 24-, 48-, or 96-well plates. Imaging with a confocal spinning disk is useful for high-speed imaging of living cells expressing fluorescent proteins or stained with membrane-permeable synthetic dyes. Photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity are reduced with spinning disk microscopy. Technical specifications are as follows:


  • Leica DMi8 inverted microscope with an ASI motorized stage
  • 10x, dry
  • 20x, dry, long working distance
  • 40x, dry
  • 63x, water
  • 63x, oil
Excitation wavelengths:
  • 405 nm
  • 445 nm
  • 470 nm
  • 520 nm
  • 528 nm
  • 555 nm
  • 640 nm
Emission filters:
  • 460/50m
  • 525/50m
  • 610/75m
  • 700/75m
  • 528/640m (dual Green Red)
  • 445/520m (dual CFP YFP)
The system is installed with two cameras, mounted via a twin-cam system.
  • Prime HS:  sCMOS camera, for high resolution.
  • QuantEM:  EM-CCD, for high sensitivity applications.
Widefield Fluorescence  
  • Filter sets available:
    • DAPI; material number 11525304; Excitation: 350/50; Emission 460/50; Dichroic: 400
    • Y5, size P, material number 11525312; Excitation: 620/60; Dichroic: 660; Emission: 700/75
    • FITC, material number 11525307; Excitation: 480/40; Dichroic: 505; Emission: 527/30
    • RHOD, material number 11525308; Excitation: 546/10; Dichroic: 560; Emission: 585/40
  • Lamp:
    • X-Cite 110 LED, Lumen Dynamics
Live Cell incubation  
  • Chamlide TC-W stage-top incubator
  • FC-5N CO2/Air Mixer
  • Dell 7820 running Windows 10
  • Acquisition software Metamorph v7.10
Data Analysis Station
  • Running imaging analysis software Volocity, managed by network license server
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Epifluorescence Microscope Nikon Eclipse 50i


Nikon Eclipse 50i epifluorescence microscope
A conventional upright fluorescence microscope, for samples on slide with cover slip.


  • Phase contrast, NA 0.9, dry
  • Nikon Plan uw 1x/0.04
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 4x /0.13
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 10x/0.25
  • Nikon Plan  20x/0.04
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 100x1.30 Oil
Fluorescence Filters
  • ET GFP
  • ET RsRed
  • UV-2A
  • X-Cite 120
Imaging Software
  • NIS-Elements BR3.0
  • Nikon DS-Ri1
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JEOL NeoScope JCM-5000

JEOL NeoScope JCM-5000 SEM
The NeoScope is a benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM) that can rapidly acquire images with high magnification, high resolution, and a large depth of field. No special sample preparation (eg. coating) is required.


  • X10 -- 20,000 magnification
  • Easy automatic or manual control of focus, contrast, and brightness
  • High and low vacuum modes
  • Three selectable accelerating voltages
  • No special sample preparation, for conductive and non-conductive samples
  • Sample loading to imaging in less than three minutes
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