Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 800

Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 880

Confocal Spinning Disc, Quorum Technologies

Epifluorescence microscope, Nikon Eclipse 50i

Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM 800

Zeiss LSM800

The Zeiss LSM 800 is a laser scanning microscope system equipped with an inverted fluorescence microscope, four laser lines, highly sensitive GaAsP detectors, an Airyscan detector, and a transmitted light detector. It is capable of simultaneously acquiring 4 fluorescent images and 1 DIC image in a single sample scan, and is able to do three dimensional fluorescence imaging. Technical specifications are as follows.


  • Observer Z1
  • High-end fully motorized inverted microscope
  • Remote LCD touch screen allowing for remote control of all motorized components
  • Motorized Z motor with 10nm reproducibility and customizable variable speed focus control
  • Motorized XY scanning stage, minimum travel range of 130x85mm, with <1µm reproducibility.  Capable of holding slides, labtek chambers, 35mm dishes.
  • Motorized light path control, condensor, illumination shutters, reflector turret, filter cubes
  • Hardware-based focus stabilization, capable of being used for multiple xy locations in combination with z-stack, time course, and spectral imaging, in order to optimize acquisition from live cell experiments
  • XY image resolution of 6000x6000 pixels
  • Spectral detection with a spectral resolution as low as 1nm, with a range of 400-720nm (detection available >720)
  • Spectral un-mixing of up to 10 fluorophores, with 20 spectral channels
  • 360 degree rotation of scan field
  • Multi-Region of Interest FRAP capability, with ability to vary laser power between FRAP locations
  • EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.5 
  • Plan Apochromat 20x/0.8 NA
  • Plan Apochromat 40x/1.4 NA oil immersion
  • Plan Apochromat 63x/1.4NA oil immersion 
  • Differential Interference Contrast for all objectives
  • Full complement of solid state lasers, with the following wavelengths and minimum powers, or equivalent. Laser line intensity variable from 1-100% in 0.1% increments, with full linear response.
    • 405nm (5mw)
    • 488nm (10mw)
    • 555nm (10mw)
    • 639mw (5mw)
  • Capable of simultaneously acquiring 4 fluorescent images and 1 DIC image in a single sample scan
  • Two internal high-sensitivity low noise Gallium Arsenide Phosphide detectors (GaAsP)
  • One high-sensitivity low noise super resolution detector (Airyscan)
  • Single transmitted light detector for DIC imaging in parallel with confocal
Widefield Fluorescence
  • Filters for DAPI, GFP, and Cy3, or equivalent dyes
  • Alignment-free extended long life (20000hr) LED fluorescence light source
  • Actively dampened isolation table
  • Windows 7 professional
  • Confocal Operating Software Zen 2.3
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Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM880

Zeiss LSM880

The Zeiss LSM 880 is a laser scanning microscope system equipped with an upright fluorescence microscope, four conventional laser lines, and a tunable insight X3 laser for 2-photon imaging. It has GaAsP detectors, an Airyscan detector, and Big-2 detector for 2-photon imaging. The system delivers super-resolution imaging and fast scanning speed, and is able to do three dimensional imaging. The 2-photo imaging mode, with a long working distance objective, is capable of acquiring optical sections of deep tissue layers. Technical specifications are as follows:


  • Examiner Z1
  • Upright
  • Objectives are changed manually
  • Z-Piezo stage
  • EC PlnN 10X /0.3 DICI,  dry
  • W Pln Apo 20x/ 1 w DICIII, water
  • LD LCI plnApo 25x/0.8 W DICII, water /Glycerol with or without cover slip/ oil with cover slip
  • Pln Apo 63x/1.4 Oil DIC II, with cover slip
  • Diode 405nm
  • Argon 458nm, 488nm, 514nm
  • DP55 561nm
  • HeNe 633
  • Gallennium Arsenide Phosphide detectors (GaAsP)
  • One high-sensitivity low noise super-resolution detector (Airyscan)
  • BiG-2 GaAsP detector for 2-photon imaging
  • InsightX3 Tunable laser; 690-1080 nm
  • Emission filters for green (500-550 nm) and red (575-610 nm) 
  • BIG-2 GaAsP detector
Wild field Fluorescence
  • Filter sets available:
    • DAPI, Zeiss filter set 49
    • Alexa 488, Zeiss filter set 38
    • Alexa 555, Zeiss Filter set 43
  • Light source
    • X-cite 110 LED
  • Newport ST Series
  • Windows 7
  • Operating Software Zen 2.3 SP1
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Confocal Spinning Disc, Quorum Technologies

Quorum spinning disc

The acquisition system is an X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal with an LDI-7 laser engine, supplied and integrated by Quorum Technologies. The system is equipped with a stage-top live cell incubator for live cell imaging in 35 mm dishes, or 12-, 24-, 48-, or 96-well plates. Imaging with a confocal spinning disk is useful for high-speed imaging of living cells expressing fluorescent proteins or stained with membrane-permeable synthetic dyes. Photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity are reduced with spinning disk microscopy. Technical specifications are as follows:


  • Leica DMi8 inverted microscope with an ASI motorized stage
  • 10x, dry
  • 20x, dry, long working distance
  • 40x, dry
  • 63x, water
  • 63x, oil
Excitation wavelengths:
  • 405 nm
  • 445 nm
  • 470 nm
  • 520 nm
  • 528 nm
  • 555 nm
  • 640 nm
Emission filters:
  • 460/50m
  • 525/50m
  • 610/75m
  • 700/75m
  • 528/640m (dual Green Red)
  • 445/520m (dual CFP YFP)
The system is installed with two cameras, mounted via a twin-cam system.
  • Prime HS:  sCMOS camera, for high resolution.
  • QuantEM:  EM-CCD, for high sensitivity applications.
Widefield Fluorescence  
  • Filter sets available:
    • DAPI; material number 11525304; Excitation: 350/50; Emission 460/50; Dichroic: 400
    • Y5, size P, material number 11525312; Excitation: 620/60; Dichroic: 660; Emission: 700/75
    • FITC, material number 11525307; Excitation: 480/40; Dichroic: 505; Emission: 527/30
    • RHOD, material number 11525308; Excitation: 546/10; Dichroic: 560; Emission: 585/40
  • Lamp:
    • X-Cite 110 LED, Lumen Dynamics
Live Cell incubation  
  • Chamlide TC-W stage-top incubator
  • FC-5N CO2/Air Mixer
  • Dell 7820 running Windows 10
  • Acquisition software Metamorph v7.10
Data Analysis Station
  • Running imaging analysis software Volocity, managed by network license server
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Epifluorescence Microscope Nikon Eclipse 50i

Nikon Eclipse 50i

A conventional upright fluorescence microscope, for samples on slide with cover slip. 1X and 4X objectives are installed.


  • Phase contrast, NA 0.9, dry
  • Nikon Plan uw 1x/0.04
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 4x /0.13
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 10x/0.25
  • Nikon Plan  20x/0.04
  • Nikon Plan Fluo 100x1.30 Oil
Fluorescence Filters
  • ET GFP
  • ET RsRed
  • UV-2A
  • X-Cite 120
Imaging Software
  • NIS-Elements BR3.0
  • Nikon DS-Ri1
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