NSERC Discovery Grants

Overview: The Discovery Grant (DG) program provides research operating funds for researchers in the natural and engineering sciences. Researchers applying for a Discovery Grant may concurrently apply for supplements (Discovery Launch Supplements, DND/NSERC Discovery Grant Supplements, and Northern Research Supplements). For additional funds to access vessels, see the Ship Time program.

Value: Variable, ~$35,000 average, ranges from ~$10,000 to $100,000

Duration: Up to 5 years


  • NOI deadline: August 1, 2024 (to be confirmed)
  • UTM peer review deadline (optional): TBD
  • UTM editorial review deadline (optional): TBD
  • UTM MRA deadline: TBD
  • U of T RSO MRA deadline: TBD
  • Sponsor deadline (full proposal): November 1, 2024 (to be confirmed)