Free Shipping Program for Sanger Sequencing and Oligos Service

Updated April 27, 2023



Eurofins Genomics LLC provides a free shipping drop box at UTM for Researchers using Eurofins Genomics Sanger sequencing and Oligos service. The program is under the care of the Life Sciences Core Facilities.



Special Discount Price for Sanger Sequencing Order

  • Tube Sequencing: $3.25/reaction
  • Plate Sequencing: $3.00/reaction. Minimum 24 samples


Special Discount Price for Oligos Order

  • Oligos in Tubes: 10nmol scale, $0.16cents/base, up to 70 bases long
  • Oligos in Tubes: 25nmol scale, $0.17 cents/base
  • Oligos in Tubes: 50nmol scale, $0.36 cents/base, up to 90 bases long
  • Oligos in Tubes: 250nmol scale: $0.60 cents/base, up to 125 bases long


Special Discount Price for Projects

  • Further discounts may apply. Contact Eurofins Genomics business manager Mufaddal Culter for information.


Results Turnover Time 

  • 36 to 48 hours


Drop Box

  • Located in the William G. Davis building outside room DV3092K
  • Sequencing samples will be shipped out collectively twice per week using prepaid UPS envelopes through the Life Sciences Core Facilities.
  • Drop samples into drop box on Monday and Wednesdays before 4:00 PM.


Oligos Order

  • Delivered to the Life Sciences Core Facilities
  • Free shipping


Operation Procedure

To participate the program, read the operation procedure to learn how to place orders and submit samples. 


Contact Information

Eurofins Genomics    

      Mufaddal Cutler,
      Business Manager
      Mobile: 647-234-5152

Life Sciences Core Facilities 
      Xin Zhao
      Life Sciences Core Facilities Manager
      Office Phone: 905 569 4270