Academic Workshop

Nestled in the basement in Davis building at UTM, you will find the academic machine shop and microelectronics rooms. Staff in the microelectronics room 1073 are here to help with the repair of your electronic equipment and instrumentation. Custom construction of electronic circuitry for your research project, or a replacement heater for your special equipment.

The academic machine shop room 1004 has staff to help you create your custom research projects. From woodworking, plastics and metalworking projects they will help you design and fabricate your project from start to finish. The machine shop repairs equipment that has failed mechanically. Need a new bearing or belt for your centrifuge for shaker; missing a screw or simply looking for screws for your research project. From the construction of large acrylic maze structures for psychology departments, too intricate microscope parts the laser physics labs and anything in between the shop is a great resource. We can provide the necessary links when purchasing different brands of equipment so they work seamlessly together. Vacuum pump repairs to simple oil changes these rooms are on you bucket list of places to visit at UTM.

Do not let a blown fuse or a missing screw ruin your day we are here to help.

Staff and Contact

Peter Duggan
Tel. 905 828-5327

Mirek Szreder
Microelectronics Specialist

Robert Dick



DV 1004 and DV1073