Honeywell Remote Monitoring System



The Honeywell Remote Monitoring System was established at UTM in 2013 to remotely monitor critical research equipment. Through the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) station, the integrated web-based user interface of the platform, assigned researchers receive email alarms from monitored targets if an issue arises and a follow-up alarm email is issued if the status of the equipment returns back to the desired safe set point. Upon receiving alarms, EBI secured access control allows authorized researchers to log in the EBI station from campus Ethernet connected computer or the computer anywhere else via UTM VPN to view real time data on the equipment.  Alarms can be set based on various parameters including temperature, humidity and lighting. The system is funded by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation (OVPRI). As the need arises to add the system to new equipment and gated by the EBI system capacity, the OVPRI will support this endeavor.



The role of Coordinator

  1. As the coordinator and EBI end user, the Life Sciences Core Facilities Manager in coordination with FMP engineers, UTM I&ITS and the instrument specialist, closely monitors performance of the system for research equipment. In addition, the coordinator manages EBI end user accounts and access control, assists with trouble shooting software and hardware issues, and oversees Honeywell preventative maintenance.
  2. First responder to alarms that are from UTM shared equipment and assisting researchers for their individual lab’s alarms.
  3. Receiving applications and assisting in new sensor installation.

    Contact Life Sciences Core Facilities Manager, Xin Zhao, at 905 569 4270 |

The Role of FMP Shift Engineer

  1. Check on EBI alarm status routinely.
  2. Upon receiving alarms, assist researchers in inspecting alarmed equipment as needed.
  3. Maintaining Honeywell hardware-controllers.

               FMP Shift Engineer contact phone 905 301 6319

The Role of UTM I&ITS

  1. Maintaining EBI main server.
  2. Trouble shooting software issues.
  3. Managing EBI access control.

               Contact I&ITS by sending IT trouble ticket to UTM service desk.


How to Apply

Return completed Request Form for Using Honeywell Remote Monitoring System to



The costs are on materials, electrician and Honeywell labour. Currently the OVPRI covers the fees, but this can be subject to change.



                                                                                                                      April 27, 2023