Lab Coat Service


Updated January 10, 2023


Operation Procedure for Lab Coat Service at UTM


1. Lab Coat Service Contractor

  • Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

  • Contact information:  Customer service: 1-855-326-0940                                            

2. Lab Coat Service Coordinator 

  • Core facility technician, Xin Zhao

  • Office phone: 905 569 4270 |

3. Lab Coat Service Station

  • Davis Building, Room 3092E, access to the room through doors of DV3092B or DV3092K.

  • Contact core facility technician to get room access.

4. Documents to Be Used in the Service

  • Schedule calendar: Electronic version, to be used for indicating drop-off /pickup time changes due to special events or holidays.

  • Department- specified- service log template: to be used for making department coat inventory and for the receipt of lab coat drop-off/pickup.

  • Core facility technician provides these documents (Operation Procedure, Service Log Template for departments of Biology, CPS, Geography, Psychology and OVPR)  and departments distribute them to labs as appropriate.

5. New Lab Coat Distribution

  • Time: Aug.27, 2020; Sept. 4, 9 and 16, 2020.

  • Upon arrival of new lab coats, core facility technician will inform department managers to pick up department lab coats. Two coats/user.

  • Service coordinator and department representatives are responsible to distribute the coats to labs and make department inventories using the service log template. Departments will send their inventory copy to service coordinator.

  • Students can initial their name on coat’s blue plate. Do not make any labels outside the blue plate.

6. Lab Coat Drop-Off for Wash

  • Lab coat wash frequency is every week. Service company visits campus every Wednesday morning to collect soiled coats and return washed ones.

  • Soiled coats can be dropped to soiled coat bins in DV3092E at user’s convenience. The room is accessible 24/7. If you like to pick up washed coats next week following your drop-off, please drop off them before Wednesday.

  • Drop-Off can be done by department or lab representatives collectively or by individual users. After dropping off soiled coats, sign your name on your Department Service Log posted on service station table to record drop-off information which includes coat numbers, size and lab names.

  •  Core facility technician will not be on site to receive soiled coats.

7. Washed Lab Coat Pickup

  • In the following week of your drop-off, on Wednesday at 2:30-4:30pm, department or lab representatives or individual users can pick-up washed coats from core facility technician at service station according to your drop-off log from last week.

  • If you have missed pickup time in the following week of your drop-off, core facility technician will be available for late pickup every Wednesday at 2:30-4:30pm.

  • To arrange another pickup time, email to

8. Wash Cycle Interruption

  • Should there be service interruption due to special event or holidays, core facility technician will send a re-scheduled service calendar to labs.