Pivot is a comprehensive international funding database to which the University of Toronto (U of T) subscribes on behalf of faculty. The database provides you with a curated list of funding opportunities as based on your departmental appointments, research interests, publication and granting history, and other profile information. To keep pace with growing and evolving research fields, Pivot’s expert editors continuously update an authoritative list of keywords that are carefully matched to each Pivot funding opportunity. Enter search terms, sponsor name, or browse by keyword to explore the latest funding opportunities and research trends.

Pivot is a multi-functional website that allows you to:

  • Receive weekly email notifications of new and updated funding opportunities, as based on profile information
  • Conduct and save advanced funding searches which can include Canadian and international funding opportunities
  • Share funding opportunities with colleagues

Get Started

Try Pivot now by entering in a search term into the Pivot search widget below. Please note, this will open up a new tab and may require a login in to the Pivot system using your Pivot credentials.  If you do not have Pivot credentials follow the instructions to create an account.

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