NSERC Alliance

Alliance grants encourage university researchers to collaborate with partner organizations, which can be from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. 
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Alliance grants offer two cost sharing-options:

Option 1

Overview: Supports projects that respond to a research challenge within the natural science and engineering (NSE) fields.  May collaborate with researchers outside of the NSE, however research costs will be capped at 30%. 

Value: $20,000-$1million per year.

Duration: 1 to 5 years

Deadlines: Rolling, no limit on number of applications.

Eligibility: University researchers collaborating with private-sector, public-sector or not-for-profit organizations. 

  • Partners must have demonstrated ability to exploit research results and mobilize knowledge.  Must contribute to the funding of the project. 
  • Private sector multinational with business operations in Canada are eligible
  • Private sector foreign companies are eligible only if they are also partnering with a Canadian partner that is recognized in cost-share calculations.
  • To determine is a partner organization can participate in the project, we recommend using the partner organization self-assessment tool.

Cost sharing table

Size of partner

Type of partnership

NSERC contribution to project costs

Small and medium-sized organizations
(fewer than 500 employees globally)

As a sole partner organization from any sector
In partnership with other organizations of any size and from any sector

(2:1 leverage)

Large Organizations

(more than 500 employees globally)

All from the same sector


(1:1 leverage)


  • In-kind contributions are important for the success of the project even though they are not considered in the cost-sharing calculations with NSERC. All partner organizations participating in the project must play an active role in it and make in-kind contributions through such involvement. In-kind contributions are considered in the merit assessment of your proposal
  • Institutional overhead or other cash contributions made by the partner organization towards expenses other than the projects direct costs, may be included in the application, but will not be included in the cost-sharing calculations. 


Option 2

Overview: Projects that tackle national priorities and aim for impacts beyond near term economic success that will have benefits that reach beyond the partner organization, maybe eligible for higher support from NSERC, cost-sharing Option 2.  NSERC may cover up to 100% of the project costs. 

Value: $30,000-$300,000 per year.

Duration: 1 to 5 years

Deadlines: Rolling, Researchers, applying as applicants or as co-applicants, can submit one application within a 12 month period.   

Eligibility: Follows the same eligibility criteria as Option 1. 

Cost sharing table

Size of partner

Type of partnership

NSERC contribution to project costs

All partner sizes

Any sector.  At least one partner organization that could be recognized for cost sharing.