External Funding for Faculty

Major sources of funding for UTM faculty include the Tri-Agency and other federal agencies (e.g. CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC, CFI), the Ontario government (e.g. Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science; Ontario Genomics), nonprofit organizations (e.g. Mitacs, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), and research contracts with private sector organizations.

On this page, you will find links to overviews of common funding sources, information on internal deadlines and processes, and details on how to request grant review.

For an extensive list of currently active grant opportunities please see the U of T Research Funding Opportunities Database.

Common Funding Sources


Internal Deadlines and Processes

My Research Applications & Agreements (MRA)

Except where noted, funding applications must be accompanied by a submission through the My Research Applications & Agreements (MRA) submodule in the My Research (MR) portal. For external applications, this process does not replace submission of the completed application to the sponsor, which must be done separately. The MRA system facilitates internal review and endorsement of research funding applications made by a PI to a sponsor. 

Applications take time to move through the MRA system. Please submit your MRAs at least 2 business days before the MRA deadline set by RSO. These deadlines can be found on each corresponding funding opportunity page in the RSO Research Funding Opportunities Database.***

For help with using MRA, please see the VPRI MRA information page, or contact the Help Desk at 416-946-5000 or RAISE@utoronto.ca.

Grant Review by OVPR

The UTM research office aims to help faculty members navigate the funding application process by providing relevant information to grant applicants, offering editorial review of draft grant applications, and, for common grants, facilitating peer review prior to application submission. If your are interested in any of these services, please reach out to grants.ovprutm@utoronto.ca at least 2 weeks prior to deadline for editorial review and at least 4 weeks prior to deadline for peer review.