Major Research Management Project Fund


The tri-campus Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, administers a fund designed to support major collaborative research projects where the budget request is typically in excess of $1M total, with an annual budget of several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. To learn about this opportunity, please review the MRMP program guidelines. The opportunity has two streams: Stream 1 (up to 10K to support proposal development) and Stream 2 (up to 50K to support project management for successful proposals; when matched, these amounts are 20K and 100K). The funding opportunity requires a divisional cash match, which UTM OVPR can contribute to. It is recommended to seek match contribution from other units involved in project as well.

To apply: Before applying to the MRMP program, please contact our office to seek matching support. You can contact Payam Zahedi to start the process. If matching funds area available then a letter of support will be crafted for your MRMP request.