The Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is the federal agency that supports university-based research and training in the social sciences and humanities

SSHRC funding opportunities are available through the following programs: 

Research training and talent development program

Insight research program

Research partnerships program

Individuals and teams​​​​​​

Formal Partnerships


Other initiatives include the Joint Initiatives, Impact Awards, and Interagency Collaboration.

General Application Process

  • Complete your MRA (My Research Application) form to obtain departmental/divisional approval.  These approvals should be completed prior to the internal deadline.
  • Complete and submit your SSHRC application through SSHRC's online systems. 

    ****SSHRC is phasing in its use of the Research Portal, starting with its Insight Development Grants. Other funding opportunities will be migrated to the Research Portal in the coming years. Applicants to other funding opportunities will continue to use SSHRC’s legacy web-based application forms.***


  • Departments may have earlier internal deadlines. Please contact your department for details of submission requirements.
  • The MRA approval process should be started well in advance of the internal deadline as it can take several business days to obtain the necessary approvals.

Please note: Submitting your online application means you are ready for Research Services to forward your proposal to SSHRC. Research Services will not review the content of your application but will verify your eligibility, and that of your co-applicants, to hold a research grant at UofT. Research Services will return applications only to those who do not meet the University’s criteria to hold a research grant.